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Virtual Tour de France

Original post by Richard Foxall, Jul 2, 2011.

Watching stage one today, I saw an ad for a "virtual" TdF.  Wasn't paying a lot of attention but I guess it's one of those things where you put your bike up on rollers and watch video or something. Kind of silly when the weather is as good as it has been here in the Bay Area.

But the bigger reason my mind wandered was I remembered someone who drank a virtual Vuelta (the stage race of Spain).  France! Three weeks!  This is a golden opportunity.

So we missed Day One, but tomorrow it continues in the the Vendee with a time trial. The Vendee just got AOC status this year.  Hmm, maybe not so promising.  Anyone know anything about the wines?  I haven't even heard of these grapes, unless that Chenin is the same Chenin as Chenin Blanc.  In France, you can't always be sure.  (But Groulleau Gris? Rkatseteli might have to wait--there's something else I haven't tried!) Apparently, there are pre-phylloxera vines. The area is where Charolais cattle were first bred. So shouldn't there be some red wine there?

After that, the race heads north across the mouth of the Loire for Stage 3.  It misses Nantes, the home of Muscadet sur Lies, but I think that's going to have to be the wine, since it doesn't follow the river or go near other regions, and Muscadet sur Lies is known for its compatibility with seafood, which is what that coastal area is for.  Since it ends in Redon, in Brittany, which is known for chestnuts and not grapes, options are pretty slim.  (Well, if you have lots of kinds of Muscadet, you have options within that range, but still...)

On July 5, another stage in Brittany.  They make a little of their own muscadet, but they say Nantes is associated with Brittany... they are not even hyping their wine, so take what you can from that.

July 6th, and we're up to stage 5 and now we're in Northern Brittany.  Okay, you could be tiring of Muscadet.  But bad news:  July 7th and Stage 6?  Brittany again.  Aha! I've got it:  Calvados.  "Cideries and Distilleries" reads the tab on the "turisme" website of Lisieux.

Or you can enjoy your Italian wine during the Snooth virtual tasting on July 6.  Let me know what ideas you have for a virtual TdF of wine--this year is a challenging one to start this idea.  I'll be back later in the week and throughout the Tour to update with more stages.


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Reply by dmcker, Aug 1, 2011.

Layover in Nippon?

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Aug 1, 2011.


Friends in Nepal - Impressive, hopefully you can get a trip downunder sometime soon

Trying to scam a week in San Fran later this year with the AUD at >parity it is tempting

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