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Virtual Tasting on July 6 and food.

Posted by Richard Foxall, Jul 1, 2011.

No way I can drink those four bottles by myself, and who wants the bubbly to go flat?  So I am having friends over to help out--we're going to be the raucous party at the node next to yours in the Internet wine bar called Snooth.  We'll try not to spill on you or make it hard to carry on a conversation.  Now here's the question:  Any good ideas for the menu for our crew?  Since there are more of us than chairs, it needs to be finger-food oriented.  And these wines--from the light PG to Nero, which can be pretty big and rustic.  (I like it for the same sorts of reasons I like Petite Sirah, although the differences can be as big as the similarities.) Northern Italy, French grapes, and Sicily's specialty?  It's a stretch, but I know there are some creative cooks here.  NapaGirl, that includes you!  What's anyone else eating? We have good cooks who can execute, but I want ideas and recipes.


Reply by napagirl68, Jul 2, 2011.

Foxall!  Hiya!

I am gonna miss the virtual!  darn it.  We will be up in a remote area of the sonoma coast with no wifi, no cell/data phone signal.  I did open the Chard, and was suprised.  I didn't expect to like it, but it was decent and in no way an overoaked butterbomb.  It was on the lighter side, which is nice in this heatwave.  I sipped it with some Fiscalini bandaged wrapped aged white cheddar cheese.  Yum.  My husband liked the Nero, but I find myself moving away right now from huge reds.  The other two remain untasted at present. We may take them with us... who knows. 

I haven't tasted the others yet, but will and rate them in my wines or reply to a thread.

BTW- I am a huge fan of Wine Mine... thanks for the recommendation.  I go there a lot now.  Just got some bethel heights pinot (oregon) and a pretty big Sauv blanc from Scholium Project... and my new fave.. the marotti campi orgiolo lacrima di morro d' alba.....

Happy tasting!

Reply by dmcker, Jul 2, 2011.

NG, are you actually having 'fave's from Europe these days?  ;-)

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 2, 2011.

Glad that Wine Mine is working out for you.  David is especially good at helping customers with Cali palates explore European wines (and South African Chenin Blanc--MAN was his biggest seller for a while). He carried Charumba from Portugal before a lot of folks, and also has Dancing Coyote wines that explore less well known (at least in Cali) Euro grapes like Verdelho, Albarino, Gruner (okay, those last two have come and gone as trends, but made in CA?).

From what I can tell about these wines, they are Northern Italian (except the Nero) takes on French, so I am not that surprised the Chardonnay was, well, more French.  Wine Mine had a wine from the Maconnais (I am pretty sure, but Burgundy in any case) that restored quite a bit of my faith in Chardonnay, a grape I had kind of given up on.  There's surely some bad Chardonnay from just about everywhere, including France, but there's a style that works for me and it sounds like that's what you saw in the Mezzacorona.  That gives me hope for Wednesday. 

Now, folks, about those recipe ideas... time is of the essence. 

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