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Virginia Wine drinkers

Posted by shawkes, Oct 28, 2009.

What would you say is a typical profile of a VA wine drinker. I had a discussion with someone yesterday and they said that if a person has sophisticated palettes, then they probably don't drink VA wine? Is this true?


Reply by chadrich, Oct 28, 2009.

I think that's a broad generalization that's not entirely true. It's been about 5 years since I last visited Virginia wine country, but here are my impressions.
On the factual side, Virginia may be in the top 5 (certainly top 10) states in terms of wine production and probably number of wine producers. They produce some good quality wines from grape varieties that are readily identifiable by the average wine drinker.
That said:
1)they also have a fair number of newer producers who are still developing and thus I don't think you find the same consistency of quality as you do in CA, OR, or WA.
2)In addition to the readily identifiable grapes, a lot of producers work with grapes that are not as familiar to the average drinker (Tannat comes to mind as one)
So...I think it has less to do with a sophisticaled palate and more to do with knowledge and willingness to experiment. You're going to have a hard time getting your typical CA Merlot drinker to order a glass of VA Tannat when he's out to dinner. But for someone who has a deeper interest in wine, understands that good stuff is made beyond the "big 3" states, knows (or is at least willing to try) a broader range of grapes, and won't write-off a state or region due to one occasional less-than-stellar glass, VA and other states who are evolving their wine industry (my home state of GA is one such) are good and intersting alternatives that should be included in the mix.

Reply by JamesR, Oct 31, 2009.

Well I'm a VA wine drinker. Don't know if I'm typical or even what typical is. But I will say I do not drink a lot of VA wines. While most are drinkable, I have not found too many that stand out. With a couple of exceptions, most VA wines are still at the mercy of the year's weather and lack consistency. Of the VA wines I think are exceptional, the price points are just not there. I can get a better deal buying a good California or French wine. I will say we do have a hidden gem that is worth keeping a eye on. Rosemount of Virginia is making some very good wines that are still affordable (at least until the smart Snooth members start buying them up).

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