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Vintage, Varietal, Region, Type links on a wine's page

Posted by gr, Apr 27, 2007.

They... do nothing for me in Firefox on a Mac.

Just me? Not implemented yet?

Also... the Region bit looks like it SHOULD let me go back through the tiers, but it also looks like it's one big honkin' link. It should definitely be the former.

Hell, "Region" and "Varietal" links should be followed with parentheticals (lighter link CSS color, whatever) that are near (geographical and in taste, respectively) to the wine I'm looking at.

Going even further, if I'm looking at a 1998 Sangiovese, you should remind me that I should have drunk my 1998s two years ago and if what I want is something for the cellar, I *actually* want a 1997...

PS: why isn't "winery" one of the choices there?!?


Reply by Philip James, May 2, 2007.

gabe - winery will get added soon. the rest of the text doesnt do much yet, we've some ideas, but it will take time...

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