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Vino Fino Meets Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill

Posted by greg112558, Aug 27, 2011.

Friday August 26thI had the opportunity to host the president and vice president of the wine club “Vino Fino” from Madera for wine tasting in South Santa Clara County. Their goal was to experience Italian Varietals for their up-coming wine club meeting in September.

Emilio Guglielmo Winerywas the first destination of choice for this excursion. Guglielmo is one of the oldest wineries in the region if not the state (established in 1925). This winery boasts 89 acres of planted vines and a large variety of wine for every pallet.  They also have picnic tables, a small deli with cheeses, tapinades and assortment of gifts and crackers. To enjoy these on your visit they have a large lawn area with stage for parties, weddings and entertainment as well.

Only about 5 minutes from highway 101 in Morgan Hill and 5-10 minutes for hotel accommodations, our group decided to meet at 2:00 on Friday at the winery and meet with the Director of Marketing; Greg Richtarck for tasting, history of the winery and each varietal.

This very active winery produces up to 150 thousand cases of wine per year of which 50 thousand have one style or another of the Guglielmo label. The rest of their production is custom labeled and shipped out for release elsewhere.

Guglielmo has three labels; their Tre’ label is their widely distributed label for vintage, lower cost product. This label, while it is lower cost, dose gets the same attention as their signature reserve label, just didn’t quite make the cut for the reserve label, thus the lower cost. The “Tre’” label represents the three remaining brothers that still own and operate this winery. They also have the "Emile" label to tribute the founder and his classic blends. With a group, they are open to giving tours and a couple times a year they have "bottle your own day" so you can really see this winery in action, up close and personal.

On this visit our group was treated to their Reserve label of Italian varietals and they were; ’08 Pino Gresio, ’10 Rosatello, ’07 Sangiovese,  ‘08 Barbera, ’08 Charbono and we went for a taste of ’07 Petite Syrah as well. Why? WE LIKE PETITE SYRAH.

Note: The Barbers and Charbono are new releases and do not have winery produced tasting notes available yet. They are priced at approximately $25.00 and are well worth the price. I rated the Barbera at an 85, it had berry nose, Cherries up front, Citrus/dry finish and the Charbono at 90 had Anis nose, and great berries up front.

Vino Fino walked away with 2 of each varietal for their event and I look forward to the results of the club. Greg was very informative and entertaining as most of the Guglielmo staff is. If you have interest in their rating of this wine, let me know and I’ll forward on the results after their event.

After Guglielmo our group checked into “Quality Inn” in Morgan Hill, changed and we moved on to one more winery for tasting and then on to Jason Stephens Winery for live music with “Naked in Vegas”, their wine and catering by ”Louisiana Territory.”

This was a typically beautiful Moran Hill/Gilroy summer evening. These events will be ending at the end of September, so I encourage you to indulge if you can make it.

Morgan Hill/ Gilroy wine, events and accommodations have been highly overlooked and I encourage you to learn more about the region to see what is offered here. Go to to find out more of what you’re missing out on in this area.

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