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Vinitaly - Verona - 25th to 28th of March 2012

Posted by Giorgio, Jan 20, 2012.

Who's coming ??? :D

Vinitaly, the world's most important exhibition of wines and spirits is set to return with new dates over one week, Sunday 25-Wednesday 28 March 2012, to help create even more business opportunities for companies and specialist visitors arriving from all over the world.

Vinitaly is the main reference event in the wine sector: the 2011 edition welcomed more than 4 thousand exhibitors over a show area of 95 thousand square metres, with 156 thousand visitors (more than 50,000 international from more than 110 countries).

Four days of major events, meetings, tastings and targeted workshops to encourage contacts between exhibiting cellars and trade operators, together with an impressive convention programme discussing and analysing topics associated with supply and demand in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.


Reply by dmcker, Jan 22, 2012.

So Giorgio, are you part of the PR machine for the event, by any chance? Am curious if it really is "the world's most important exhibition of wines". Haven't been to it, and only a few of the others, but still have to wonder.

If you are part of the machine, any way to get a VIP invitation, and various discounts through you? Enough incentive and I meet even go see for myself!  ;-)

Reply by Giorgio, Jan 22, 2012.

Sorry I'm not part of the PR machine.
You can find all the info the through the website or calling the help phone number.

I visited Vinitaly a couple of years ago, I think is the largest event in Italy, you'll find big and small producer from all italian regions and some from abroad. Exposers are usually very kind and everybody can have a taste of their wines and explanations. Are there also planned tasting events during the day, usually  focused on special wines but you need to book them in advantage through the site. It's too early time now to do this. There's no schedule in the site yet.

Check out the PDF brochure, you'll find the numbers about last year event.

I hope to have a chance to visit the exhibit this year, may be I'll book a hotel located in a village not far from Verona to have cheaper rates, and than reaching the event by train. In any case I have my own car that I could use, I live 4/5 hours from Verona, mote close to Rome city.

Reply by dmcker, Jan 22, 2012.

I was being a bit facetious with my suggestion....

It does look like a massively huge event, albeit one with plenty of tasty beverages and interesting info, as long as you can get past the mass-convention, industrial aspect. Had too many of those in my professional past, but am thinking an event like this might be at least part of an excuse for a visit to that part of Italy.

Though unlikely, if I do go this year, perhaps we can share a glass or two somewhere!  ;-)

Reply by Giorgio, Jan 22, 2012.

That's good, endeed there's plenty of tasty beverages and info. Moreover Verona is beautyful and ancient roman city. The historical center town is amazing.

If you'll come than write me, you'll find me on the Facebook and Google+.
Giorgio Cardellini

Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Jan 22, 2012.

@dmcker Vinitaly is more a "business" exhibition than a "wine lovers" one. This year only sunday march 25 is open to everyone, the other 3 days (mon 26 - wed 28)  is esclusively for who works in the wine world, sommliers, wine brokers, distributors, restaurants etc...

I surely go to Vinitaly but still don't know when, maybe monday 26 when i can have a free pass as a AIS member but i can get anyway some tickets for the other day from a friend winemaker. If you want to come my advice is to avoid sunday 25 if you can have somehow a ticket for other days, sunday usually is too much crowded and is hard to taste wines quietly.

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