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Valpolicella Ca' Fiui Corte Sant'Alda 2007

Posted by solomania9, Oct 13, 2009.
Details for Corte Sant' Alda Valpolicella Ripasso

I had this at a restaurant last night and was very impressed. Maybe I just don't drink enough decent Italian wines, but I was surprised at its "fruit bomb" characteristics and oakiness. Could have sworn I was drinking a Cali Cab. Has anyone has similar unexpected experiences with Italian wines?


Reply by kylewolf, Oct 13, 2009.

I really only have that experience with amarone, so I don't really know if you would consider it much different.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Oct 15, 2009.

It's made in a notably different way.

Amarone is made from dried grapes. Valpolicella can be made in the ripasso style, so that it gains some Amarone character.

Ripasso simply means that this wine was aged on the lees, the dead yeast cells and grape solids that precipitate out of the fermented wine in barrel ( think sediment) from the Amarone. It gains a touch more alcohol and some of the dried fruit tones of the Amarone without losing the fresh fruit notes that Valpolicella is famous for.

This Valpolicella is not made in the Ripasso style so it's all about the fruit of Corvina.

Reply by cainfury, Jun 22, 2014.

To add to GDP, Valpolicella is not placed in oak barrels from what I have read.  Either way all three Valpolicella's are excellent.  Classico, Ripsso Superiore, or the King "Amarone is a fantiasitc addition to anyone's collection. 

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