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Posted by Stephen Harvey, Aug 3, 2010.

I have bemused a number of times, I have had little opportunity to try many examples of good US Wine.  So could I ask some simple recommendations from you all out there:





Grape(s) particularly if blend

Best Vintage(s)

Approx retail USD per 750ml bottle


So I would like to know your selection [just one] for

Pinot Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon [or Cab dominant blend ]

Shiraz/Syrah [shiraz dominant blend]




Other  - not listed above

Thanks in anticipation of the recommendations


Reply by dmcker, Aug 3, 2010.

Here's my masterlist of noteworthy New World pinot noir, though it's still a work in progress and only covers those I've personally tasted. It might be a little different if I was currently living in the States and had better daily access, but I do know these all to be good.You can find pricing details, etc., easily enough by pretty quick websearches. To help out, I'll provide some online ordering sites that I know to ship internationally (first four, anyway, haven't yet confirmed Avalon and OPNC), though I haven't specifically asked if they'll actually do Oz.

My list for cabs would be longer, syrahs nearly as long, chards ditto, zins shorter, riesling shorter yet. You should also consider Italian varietals, savignon blanc, etc. Pinot is more an evolving, moving target these days, so I started here.

  • K&LWines is a group of several wineshops that started in Redwood City in the San Francisco Peninsula. Now it's the best 'standard' wine merchant with the largest selection of good wines that I know of in the States from both the West Coast and Europe.
  • BPWine offers a select range of high quality, hard to find wines from the US and Europe that are usually bought up from private collector cellars, or are direct from boutique wineries.
  • Benchmark Wine Group is the same as BPWines in orientation, though sometimes has even better offerings.
  • Napa Valley Winery Exchange started as a place for walkin traffic off Union Square in San Francisco, but is much more than that now, and has good ins with several California wine makers.        
  • AvalonWine and OregonPinotNoirClub for a better selection of wines from Washington and Oregon.


Santa Barbara area:
    •    Ambulineo
    •    Au Bon Climat
    •    Brewer Clifton
    •    Jonata 'La Poesia'
    •    Sea Smoke
    •    Sine Qua Non

Willamette Valley, etc. (Oregon)
    •    Archery Summit
    •    Auteur Shea Vineyard
    •    Beaux Frères
    •    Domaine Drouhin
    •    Domaine Serene
    •    Evesham Wood
    •    Owen Roe
    •    Penner-Ash Shea Vineyard
    •    Soter

Sonoma Russian River Valley:
    •    Brogan Cellars
    •    Copain
    •    Dumol
    •    Kistler
    •    Kosta Browne
    •    La Crema
    •    Rochioli
    •    Stewart RRV from Paul Hobbs

'The True' Sonoma Coast:
    •    Auteur
    •    Aubert
    •    Flowers
    •    Hirsch
    •    Kistler
    •    Marcassin
    •    Martinelli
    •    Rivers Marie
    •    Williams Selyem

New Zealand (South Island):
    •    Pyramid Valley


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