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Upcoming Spring Wine Events SF Bay Area

Posted by Vinogger, Apr 14, 2011.

There are lots of great wine events coming up in the SF Bay Area including: a Chocolate and Wine salon Sun 4/16, Passport to Dry Creek 4/30-5/1 , California Cabernet Spring Barrel Tasting 5/2, RAP Pink Out Tasting 5/10, Uncorked 5/21, TAPAS 6/5 and more.  For details and links for ticket purchase go to under wine events 


Reply by napagirl68, Apr 14, 2011.

Thank you for posting this.  I have thanked you before...   I like how you post the events, but do not spam the board only with your site and some lame verbage.  I appreciate seeing what is going on in my area, especially events that my "major" local newspapers often neglect to mention.

I cannot go this year, but would love to attend the Passport to Dry Creek maybe next year!!

Reply by Vinogger, Apr 14, 2011.

Hey Napa Girl, I am glad to help! If you are on Facebook consider liking Vinogger as I post events and often discounts I get to the events on there for my followers.  You can also follow Vinogger on Twitter or just visit and/or subscribe to my site to constantly learn about upcoming wine events. 

I am going to Passport to Dry Creek for the first time this year, you can check back on my site to see my write up of the event, it looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Reply by vin0vin0, Jan 22, 2015.

Bumping this old thread. We're going to do the Dry Creek Passport weekend this year at the end of April.  Does anyone have any experiences to share, any favorite DCV wineries (besides Ridge and Mauritson which are already on the list of must do)?

Reply by madmanny, Jan 27, 2015.

A few favorites:

Zichichi - went there for a barrel tasting and would up buying futures on the Zin - really enjoying it.

Dutcher Crossing - Andrea and I had a fun time in the tasting room hanging out with a local motorcycle "gang" (more like lawyers on Harleys).  Excellent selections.

Preston - Always enjoy their Viognier, and their breads and olive oil.

Reply by EMark, Jan 27, 2015.

Manny, I thought the acronym for the "gang" you saw was RUB--Rich Urban Bikers.  I used to know a guy who shipped his bike to SD, then flew there and rode the bike into Sturgis.

I visited Zichichi last June and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I ordered some of their estate Zins and some Chalk Hill Cab to be delivered this spring.  Their "futures only" marketing strategy is certainly interesting and distinctive.  I am curious, Manny, was Zichichi a destination for you, or did you just happen upon it.  It is, certainly, not on the beaten path.

Reply by madmanny, Jan 27, 2015.

Zichichi was definitely not a destination. We were lured in by his barrel tasting sign out front.  We enjoyed the visit and the tasting.  Turns out Mr. Zichichi was a doctor in New Orleans who pulled up stakes after Katrina and changed careers as well.  

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jan 27, 2015.

I like Bella, but not every one of their wines.  They have a real cave, very cool, and some of the Zins are superlative.

Talty, former winery of the year on Snooth, is worth a trip.  Michael Talty and Clay Mauritson could not be more different in some ways, and their wines are also very different but excellent expressions of Zin.  Clay seeks more control and precision in the winery and his Zins are more Bordeaux like, with dark fruit and structured elements, while Michael tolerates a lot of fluidity in the processes and adjusts to what the grapes are doing (he tolerates way more VA than Clay, for one thing) and his wines come out almost Burgundian, with heady aromas (probably carried along by the VA, which our noses perceive as fruitiness) and wild red flavors.  Interestingly, both can carry 15% ABV with hardly any heat, and both can age quite well. Say hi to one or both for me. (Although I will have been through there in mid-February.)

Preston gets a vote for his non-monoculture approach and general funkiness.  His M. Preston white is great with oysters.  His Zins are good but not the best in the area, IMO.  Picnic there unless you have had enough to eat at the other tasting rooms.

Unti is worth a visit because they provide grapes to many other wineries and introduced many varieties to the area.  The Petit Freres is a great deal on a GSM blend.  They are also very nice people and she's a very good artist--one of her paintings hangs in our dining room. 

Yoakim Bridge, right next to Talty, will probably be open but not part of the Passport.  Real one man show, with (surprising) a really good Merlot. 

I could go on--Nalle, Papapietro Perry, Amphora, to name but a few--but that should keep you busy. 

BTW, Manny, good to see you.  Home on a snow day?

Reply by madmanny, Jan 27, 2015.

Always good to be seen!  

I love to wander around the Dry Creek area.  Never really any crowds, unlike the Napa 29 corridor.  Sure does beat the snow here in NJ (we did dodge the bullet and got about 5-6 inches and not the 2-3 feet predicted.  Apparently Boston was not as lucky.  

Here's a backyard view for those who don't get enough snow.  


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