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Understanding tags

Posted by gr, Apr 27, 2007.

Okay, I get it, I think. You've opted NOT to actually let people explicitly supply tags, because individuals tag usefully for themselves, but people in groups don't (people use underlines instead of spaces even if tags support them, some people use plurals some people don't).

But... I'm not sure, in the day and age of etc, you get to call those "tags" any more. They're keywords, for sure, but the web two point OH-EMM-GEE audience knows what "tag" means, and it's neither an XML element nor is it "extracted from reviews". Especially not if you're calling it a *user* tag.

Even if you don't let us specify them, but maybe only search for them: Tag completion. Tag completion. Tag completion. If I start typing "cab", I'll probably mean "cabernet". I know you worked hard on the synonym thing... but what I *really* want is to see that pop up in the search box, and then hit tab to complete it... because maybe I meant "smells like the back of a taxi cab", in which case I probably want either one of merlot, Clos di Pise (sp?), or Thunderbird: in no case, a cabernet sauvignon. (Silly example on purpose, but you get the point.)

If you need some example JS, I'm pretty sure I can dig out your choice of's or Brad Fitz's (on livejournal). There're some stupid corner cases, even though it's not a terribly difficult concept, and Brad's, at least, is explicitly open source.

Hell, even if you don't want to use that explicitly for tags, do it for searches, ala Google (which does it in the Firefox-plugin search box now too). Sure, not everybody's used to this quite yet, but it'll be Expected, and noticeably lacking, within six months.


Reply by Philip James, May 2, 2007.

this is now on our list.

as for the tags, eventually you'll be able to add them, but for now they ARE acutomatically extracted, scrubbed against our dictionary then normalized from the reviews

Reply by GreenVelvet, Feb 15, 2008.

I've been searching around for 20 minutes trying to figure out how I can add a tag. I gather I can't? But in this day and age, I think we all assume "user tag" to be something we can add ourselves.

I know you said "eventually" we'll be able to add them, but that was nearly a year ago so I thought I'd check in...?

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Feb 18, 2008.

Thanks for checking in. We still are pulling out tags directly from the reviews, so no you cannot currently add them yourself.

As we add community features I'd like to see tags become mutable. For example, a user could tag a wine with "Friday Night at Mark's" or "Wine Course" and easily pull up all of those records they want -- without having to put those phrases in every tasting note, or even needing to write a tasting note.

It's still absolutely on the list. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront again.

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