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Posted by duncan 906, Mar 24, 2010.

      On Sunday I opened my last bottle of Chateau Saint  Augustin L'Imperial Magnus Premier Cru Classe 2003.This no doubt sounds like a very grand and expensive wine but I am pleased to say it was not pricy.Back in 2007 I went on a trip to Tunisia,a destination I can heartily recomend;great weather,a beautiful and fascinating country,friendly people,many of whom speak English as well as Arabic and French,and ,not being in the Eurozone,extremely good value for money.Although Tunisia is mostly Muslim they do make some superb wines,some of which I was able to enjoy in the restaurants and bars,and I think the fact that it was once a French colony has something to do with this.Although there were lots of shops and souks(streetmarkets) there are very few places where you can buy wine apart from bars and restaurants.I bought my Saint Augustin in the departure lounge where they only accept Pounds Sterling,US dollars or Euros and not the Tunisian currency.I think it a good  fruity red wine but not quite as in your face fruity as some Californian Cabernet Sauvignons.There is some subtlety there.According to the label it is a blend of  Mourvedre, Pinot and Sangiovese though it does not say in what proportions.Anyway it definitely gets the thumbs up from me 


Reply by amour, Mar 24, 2010.

How very refreshing....Tunisia....

You brought me right back to my days in Sidi Bou Said

and Hammamet....Carthage and Djerba Island...Sousse  and Monastir..

I ate the most delicious fish there with local wines!

Thanks for this memory.

I would also heartily point travellers to Tunisia and also Morocco.

Have you seen those wines of Tunisia on Snooth ?

Did you try any of their light  Rose or Les Vignerons de Carthage?

I did not like the dry Muscat of Alexandria...perhaps I should re-visit it with a fresh perspective!

Yes. They do have a rich legacy of wine-making.

Grapes grown there are: Cinsault, Beldi, Clairette, Carignan and Grenache.

Reply by amour, Mar 28, 2010.

Talking about North Africa, my daughter and I went to a small

Miami restaurant on Friday night, just off Collins Avenue.

Called KABOBJI, it serves authentic Middle Eastern and North African dishes.

We had a feast.....hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, grape leaves, and  kibbi naye (prime cut of raw beef blended with crushed wheat and spices).........

best of all.....the wine-list carried both the Lebanese wine...CHATEAU KEFRAYA Les Breteches 2007  and  Moghrabi from Morocco (Meknes Region).....

how delightful to taste them with, in my opinion, some of  their most appropriate pairings!

The wine-list also carried Louis Latour Pinot Noir

and Sebastiani Merlot.

For any of you visiting Miami....CHECK IT OUT!


They carry flavours at that!!, grape, strawberry, orange, mixed fruit.

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