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"Travel" as in: GOIN' DOWN... BABY.

Posted by ChipDWood, Jul 29, 2010.

While a dreary haze and the odd, passing wisps of dead fish seem to fill my senses now- in my mind, I am already headed there.  I am headin' down.

And this coming weekend, and for an entire week, not only in spirit- but in person shall I be down.  (I encourage you to click here to jump along the vibe, and jam to it by one of my favorite Cleveland bands.  It is my movie- you are welcome to be part of it.)

If only YOU, my Snoothy friends, could be down with me.

Going to hit some of the more northern spots with great regard early on, like Chateau OBrien at Northpoint for their highly recommended Tannat (and other reds ~ thank you Jason, I let him know, he said ello ;), Rappahannock Cellars for the various recommended items there- and then, FINALLY, we're hitting Pearmund Cellars to try things out there (including what sounds to be one of the better examples of the new all-star varietal in the Virginia soils in Petit Manseng).

And that's before we get even close to the Shenandoah Valley, Charlottesville, etc.

I am also on a quest to track down both Brad McCarhty's new hit, the "Stickdog Riesling"- as well as hoping to track down the man himself- GONZO style to have a chat (with a wink to Mr. Dmcker as I go.  If you don't know who Brad is, imagine Ken Kesey rooting through vineyards of all kinds, all over Virginia, looking for the best fruit he can find- seeking to feed the hungry bee.  While you're at it, imagine a genuine wine prodigy, and a guy I think is simply a genius.  An illusive genius, at that.  I hear he's been spotted near First Colony lately.  Hopefully I'll be able to frickin' find him this time down.


Ahh- lest I forget to mention a visit to the Wineworks, and then to Monticello itself- the home of the man, the myth, the total friggin' paradox incarnate: Mr. ThJ.

...and all of a sudden I no longer catch the hints of dead fish or... swamp farts or whatever the hell it is that I am surrounded by in my day-to-day.

For I am Goin' down.  Down.  Down.  Down.  ...Down.


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