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Tokaji Producers

Posted by JonDerry, Oct 31, 2014.

Pretty hard to mess up Tokaji, as I seem to like anything I try, but it stands to reason that there must be a few producers who've risen to the top.

Here are a few that have been recommended to me by a new friend who has more experience with the wines than I, though I'm sure not as much as GregT.


Top End:
Demeter Zoltan
Prince Tamas
Anyone else? Obviously Royal Tokaji has the most distribution in the states, but looking for other informed options. 


Reply by GregT, Oct 31, 2014.

Your friend knows something!

Good luck getting the first 2 in the States. Szepsy told me he's happy with what he's selling here, which is a miniscule amount of his production. He's also one of those at the very top of the pyramid. Demeter comes and goes so get it if you can because while he's a good producer, nobody knows him. Royal Tokaj has some of the best vineyards but they're a third tier producer at best. Oremus is the most widely distributed and one of the best of the early foreign group - Disznoko, Hetzsolo, Derezsla, Kiralyudvar, Royal Tokaj, and Oremus. Derezsla is probably the best value of that group. Kiralyudvar was up there but has slipped way down in quality because of uneven wine making and lack of vineyard attention. The others are kind of OK, not excellent. Then there's Degenfeld, sometimes OK, sometimes really good and imported. And then there are some Hungarian-owned wealthy producers like Patricius or Zwack, both of which are decent.

You won't find many of the best because they're made by small producers and lack importers to the US. But you can find Alana, which is low-production and also belongs at the top of the pyramid - better than most of those above. I'll share some with you next time I see you.

Reply by JonDerry, Oct 31, 2014.

Thanks for the info Greg...what do you mean by early foreign group? Those producers that made exporting a priority?

Sounds good about the Alana.

At a recent tasting you mentioned a Tokaji producer with connections to Spain, I seem to recall Vega Sicilia?

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