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The World of Wine - Is Perception Reality?

Original post by Craig Bilodeau, May 3, 2012.

This is a topic that I have been stewing on for a couple of days.  This past weekend, I went to a tasting event that had a dress code... unbeknownst to me.  After trying to remain discrete in my Polo shirt and dressy shorts, I was not so kindly asked to leave.  The event took place at a private club that I was not familiar with, and I should have known to check what the dress code was likely to be.  All that said, I do get the impression that there is a contingent of the wine world that perceives the enjoyment of wine is an avocation for the well-heeled.  What are other's thoughts on this and how has perception changed over time, particularly in the last decade or so?

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Reply by JonDerry, Nov 6, 2012.

Thanks for clarifying Jack...

Reply by Craig Bilodeau, Nov 8, 2012.

Sorry you were offended, Jack.  That certainly wan not my intention.  I was just trying to get a handle on, as someone who was not only new to the wine scene but someone who is also familiar with the perception that many non-wine geeks have about the wine scene, the difference between a sub-culture that can appear insular and pedantic to the uninitiated and the reality of the sub-culture as fostered by local tasting events such as the one that I mentioned which was hosted by Sigels's.

Reply by zufrieden, Nov 10, 2012.

I am not entirely sure what happened here.  If you were asked to leave, obviously, you were later invited to stay.  What is the excluded middle of this logical problem please?  Otherwise I stick to my switchblade recommendation (kidding again).

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