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Wireless Tool for Monitoring Your Wine

Posted by sarahjaneo1975, Dec 18, 2013.


I am new to the community and wanted to say hello. I also wanted to introduce you to a great wireless wine tool that monitors temperature and humidity anywhere you store your wine, so it helps to ensure that your wine is always stored in proper conditions and does not spoil.

You can get unique insights with easy to read graphs, where you can see current data, as well as historic data and trends via website. You can set up an alarm, so you get notified via email if the temperature or humidity goes above or drops below your custom settings. There is also an App, where you can see pinch-and-zoom graphs with your measurements, as well as receive alerts via push messages - so you literally can keep an eye on your wine 24/7.





Reply by outthere, Dec 18, 2013.
"I found this great wireless solution..."
You found? You are the marketing director for the company.
"Sarah Jane Ochsner, Marketing
Adding a feminine touch to a room full of testosterone, Sarah is in charge of marketing, social media and writing, bringing a creative flare to the product. Born in the US and living in Copenhagen for 8 years, she loves to travel and has a passion for being out on the water."
Ya gotta love the power of the internet! I intentionally did mot mark this as spam because it was wine related but members be aware of self-promotional plugs. Happens all the time on the internet.
Reply by EMark, Dec 18, 2013.

I guess I'm going to pile on Sarah Jane.

I would think that if a marketing professional was going to shill a product (With which I'm really OK.  Heck, I have plenty of time on my hands.), along with touting the features and trying to demonstrate the benefits of the product, he/she would, at minimum, mention the name of it. 

On the philosophical side, and at this point I think we may need a contribution for NDDave or Zufrieden, the comment "Life is too short to drink bad wine," has always bothered me.

If a person has never had "bad" wine, then how do they know what "good" wine is?

If life span is lengthened so as not to be so "short," is it OK to then drink "bad" wine?

Reply by nddave01, Dec 21, 2013.

The philospher in me definifely wants to wrestle with "Life is too short to drink bad wine." Very few slogans make much sense if you use any kind analytical approach to them and this one is no exception.  Causal connection between the duration of one's life and the quality of wine that should be imbibed is difficult to establish. If anything it would seem much worse to suffer through "bad" wine for a longer period of time than for a shorter one. Then you have to address the quantitative nature of bad wine. Possibly something below 80 points? This is definitely a subject that should be discussed in a small group setting with several bottles of mediocre or better wine. Possibly after several glasses this problematic phrase, the problem of the Middle East, and Miley Cyrus could all be solved. 

Reply by EMark, Dec 22, 2013.

Dave, I can see that, once again, you and I are on the same page.  Thanks for the response.  I have a proposal for you, if you ever plan a trip to California, let's get together with some local Snoothers to taste some wines and discuss things like 100-point rating scales for the fine arts.  I know you have opinions on that.  Would you not agree that the 9th Symphony of Beethoven is 100 points, and that Bruckner 8th Symphony is underrated at 87 points?  In all honesty I'm afraid that resolving the Middle East/Ciley Myrus problems would make my head hurt--unless, of course, we moved deeply into the wines and were able to get into the Sauternes and TBAs.  

BTW, was that link at the bottom or Sara Jane's original note?  If so, then my comment about marketing skills was not only mean, but downright stupid.  You have my apology, Sara Jane.  I must be getting too old if I miss things like that.

Reply by nddave01, Dec 22, 2013.

I would definitely enjoy that my son lives in Oakland so maybe I can swing a trip out that way. Not sure how close you are to Oakland but I would certainly make an attempt. As to rating works of art there is some similarity as the ability to improve with age or at least survive does indicate a quality to be desired. 

Reply by EMark, Dec 23, 2013.

No, Dave I don't live particularly close to Oakland.  It's a big state.  Oakland is about a 6-7 hour drive for me, or a 1 hour flight.  However, there are some outstanding Snoothers who participate regularly on this Forum who live in that geography.  Also, it is not unknown for me to visit up there.  I made four trips up there this year, but that frequency is quite unusual.  So, keep it in the back of your mind.

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