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The London France Show

Posted by duncan 906, Jan 14, 2013.

I wondered if anybody else was going to this weekend's France Show at Earls Court.There will be a lot of French wines to taste as well as lots of other things to see and do


Reply by amour, Jan 16, 2013.

Always a great show...enjoy!

DUNCAN, do check out one or two of the seminars.....a fine opportunity to hear First Hand!....and taste too!

There are usually real bargains on the food items, at the end of the show, especially the cheeses and authentic Foie Gras.

Am I nostalgic??

If any new Wine Books are announced, let me know, pretty please!

Reply by duncan 906, Jan 16, 2013.

I have been going every year for at least the last 20 years.It is one of the highlights of the year,or at least of JanuaryThis year I am going wioth a couple of friends from work..Every year I buy a bottle of St Emillion from the Chateau Guillotin stand,,taste and buy loads of other wines as well,some cheeses,and enjoy the music and dancing.I hope the Can-Can girls are there again this year

Reply by duncan 906, Jan 20, 2013.

I spent most of today at the London France Show and enjoyed every moment.I bought a bottle of Chateau Guillotin from the Chateau owner  as usual plus two bottles from the Domaine Tenon [Cotes du Rhone] stand,two bottles from a stand selling wine from the St Tropez area,one bottle of Chateau Puyanche Cotes de Castillon from the stand and one bottler of Corbieres from a stand selling wines from the South of France.There were several wine seminars;one on Bordeaux wines but I did that last year and I was too late for the Champagne one so I did the one on the wines of Roussillon run by the Telegraph wine writer Susie Atkins which was very interesting.I had a Toulose sausage hot-dog for lunch and bought some cheese for my supper.I listened to an accordian player and, watched a cookery demonstration about macaroons.The highlight of the day,of course was the Can-Can girls strutting their stuff.

Reply by amour, Jan 23, 2013.

The Corbieres should have been really inexpensive...was it?

I remember getting it in my student days for my "cannot be bothered which wine" friends!!!

The dancers are great...those flying skirts and all that lace!

Did you meet that chef Guy Wooley? 

What did St.Tropez taste like?

Light and flowery?...nothing impressive...I guess!

Reply by duncan 906, Jan 23, 2013.

          There seem to be two sides to Corbieres;the cheapo Euopean wine lake 2 or 3 euros a bottle version which you probably bought in your student days and a far more up-market better quality version.The one I bought at the show was a Chateau Ollieux-Romanis Cuvee Prestige and it cost me £13.50.A while ago I paid about a tenner for a bottle of the Rothschild Corbieres, Blasson D'Aussieres 2008 which was very nice and also fell into the latter category.I reviwed that one for Snooth and when I eventually get around to drinking my Ollieux-Romanis I will leave a review for that as well.

     The two wines from St Tropez I bought for a tenner each were a red Provence Max from La Cave de Max Cotes de Provence 2009 and a rose Les Bastides de Sainte Marie Cotes de Provence.I got to taste both before I bought and both had a lot of fruit and body in them and I would not describe either as light and flowery.Again when I get around to drinking them I wil write up a proper review for Snooth

      I agree that the can-can girts are great.For us a good ogle at the can-can girls was one of the major highlights of the day.

     There were several chefs there doing demonstrations and I cannot remember any of their names so I  am unable to say if I saw this Guy Wooley character.

     Overall it was a superb day.Perhaps next year Snooth and Greg will have a stand as they did at Tapas Fantastica Rioja day in the summer

Reply by amour, Jan 25, 2013.

Thanks Duncan; you actually shared a lot of good info.

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