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THE Jura book we all need

Posted by Caroline Henry, Apr 4, 2013.

The Jura is a small, obscure region in eastern France with a long history of wine making. In recent years, Jura wines have become more widely available and they are often sought after by sommeliers, wine geeks and illuminated wine lovers. Why?  Maybe because of the legendary nature of the Vin Jaune, or maybe cause the wines are fresh and interesting and definitely over deliver.

However as it is so damn difficult to find information about the Jura region and it's wines in English a lot of people still shy away from trying these "secret" and badly explained wines.

Fact is that besides the excellent blog posts on by wine educator and Jura specialist Wink Lorch very little results return when one googles jura wine. On amazon search results are even more dire - besides a handful of (old) French books not much returns. Of course there is a little information written about the region in the major "wine regions of the world" style books but if you are after a book just about Jura wine in English you are out of luck.

But all of this can change if Wink gets enough pledges on Kickstarter to write her "Jura wine: The Book"In fact YOU can contribute to (and be mentioned in) the book if you pledge £25 (around $35) to buy your copy of the book "en primeur". We do it with wine so why not do it for a book as well ;-) There are several other rewards available as well so do check out this project and help us (and by this I mean all of us who want to learn about the Jura and its wines) to get our book!! And whilst you are on the page - do check out the video Wink posted as well :-)

I really really would love to read this book and already pledged - so I hope you will join me so we can read the book together next summer!!


Reply by penguinoid, Apr 5, 2013.

I hadn't heard of this -- thanks for posting it here. I like Jura wines but sadly rarely get to drink them. I did get to visit the Jura in 2011 which was very interesting!

Both the book and the blog look interesting. I hadn't come across the blog before, despite looking for info on Jura wine. Hope she manages to raise the money on kickstarter.


Reply by Wink Lorch, Apr 5, 2013.

Caroline - thanks so much for your support and for sharing this with the Snooth community.

As this is the Wine & Travel section of the forum I should say that the book will be around 80% pure wine book and the other 20% will include sections on Comté and other cheeses, plus local regional specialities like the sausages, cherries, frogs and more! There will also be a useful section with travel tips for those planning a visit.

The important wine part will have profiles on around 100 producers as well as the usual background info such as history, terroir, grape varieties and an examination of the myriad of wine styles available from Jura.

Thanks to all the lovely support, the Kickstarter project is now 62% funded but ends on 22nd April in just over 2 weeks - so still a little way to go. There are some amazing rewards apart from the book - am going to be posting an update with more about them today. Below is an image of the cover.

Thanks again!

Reply by duncan 906, Apr 5, 2013.

I passed through the Jura region in 2008 and I bought some wine

Reply by Caroline Henry, Apr 5, 2013.

Thank you @penguinoid!! I also hope Wink will get the money together as selfishly I want the book!! Please feel free to share the link through social media or to any other Jura lovers you may know. I am glad you are enjoying Wink's Blog - she is an excellent story teller - that is the other reason I would like her to tell the Jura story!!


Reply by Wink Lorch, Apr 10, 2013.

The great news is that the book WILL go ahead as the target was met yesterday thanks to wonderful support from around the world! However, having set the target as low as possible for producing a professional book, I'm very much hoping that over the next 12 days that the campaign continues to run I will get more support from wine lovers everywhere. Take a look at the latest campaign update about the wonderful wine photographer Mick Rock joining the project and more.

Thanks to all!

Reply by amour, Apr 10, 2013.

Wink, did you know that the Airline Danube Wings goes sometimes from Cambridge, U.K. to Dole.

Also, it is only an hour driving from Burgundy to Arbois.

Many wine buffs may now choose your Jura...along with your book, the good word would surely spread!!

Thanks for the book!

Reply by amour, Apr 10, 2013.

BYW...did you mention LA BALANCE restaurant in your does serve good meals, and of course the local Jura wines!

Reply by Wink Lorch, Apr 11, 2013.

Hello AMOUR!

Sadly Danube Wings have stopped their service - it was an experiment last summer. But RyanAir have just launched a service on Tuesdays and Saturdays from London Stansted to Dole, so despite not being a fan of this airline, it's a useful service and hope it works.

Yes, love La Balance - had a meal there 2 weeks ago! It's already mentioned in my Jura Wine Travel Guides and of course will be in the travel tips section of the book.

Hope you can support the book - thank you!

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