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The first 48

Posted by Philip James, Jun 7, 2007.

We attempted to move quietly into open beta Monday evening. We had waited long enough and we wanted people to see what we were building. Everything's gone perfectly, except 'quietly' went out of the window. We've gotten lots of press, mainly good, but some less so. And now there are thousands of users swarming over the site! Welcome!

The plan was to keep the PR flow to a trickle, slowly grow the user base and work steadily away fixing bugs and adding features.

The plan, now, is sort of the same, only faster.

Yesterday we implemented back-button support for the ajax functions - not easy, and very few sites actually bother to do this. To come over the next few days: some SEO, but mainly search engine enhancements - we're still tracking which searches work and which fail, and trying to fix them in real time, after that there'll be the sorely lacking social networking functionality (friends etc.), we'll make the recommendations work better, and continue to sign up data partners. We have a real lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline - we've only been live for 48 hours, so keep your eye on the site, the blog and the forum for developments.

From you, our users, just keep playing with and breaking the site - we really value your efforts - just be sure to send us feedback.


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