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Posted by Gutsmap, Jun 30, 2016.

Hello Friends,

Since few years I´ve been living in Germany in the Palatinate. This wonderfull region is the second grapevine-groving area in Germany, very famous for its fine wine in the world, mostly for Riesling.

Because of my fasination of this wine area, we (me & Maciej) created a special map with all wineries of the German Wine Route in Palatinate.

This is the 1st special edition of the GUTSMAP® published for first time this year in Germany.

If you are looking for many interesting wineries with very good wine, this map will help you discover all of them in this region.

We have marked all key towns of the German Wine Route, where you will find a lot of wineries with family traditions, of younger vineyards which produce very good and diverse wine types.

Take a look at this extraordinary map, visit Germay and drink the best wine ever!!!

More about this Project on our website:

And if you have some questions write me back !

Have a nice day,




Reply by rckr1951, Jun 30, 2016.

Interesting idea, but if If the the overall cost is over $75 ($30 + $36.50 Euros) it's not something the average wine buyer is going to buy IMO.  Maybe wine shops that have a large specialty on the area.  The size is also a problem - it's 4ft by 3ft. hat's quite a big map - if a person collects several maps this probably remain rolled up until needed.


Reply by Gutsmap, Jul 1, 2016.

Thank you for your comment!

Of course this Map is Large (but not Huge) and everyone who buy it, can use it how he wants. As a poster on the wall or just keep it as a souvenir. On a small map it would´t be attractive to put on almost 1000 wineries together with many useufull informations about them all.

Even if you don´t want to hang this map on the wall, for sure you will find enough space  at home (in corner) for paper tube.

Gutsmap is not a typical card. The idea was to create a map very different from all those which you can buy in  Palatinate in each newsstand for few Euros and then throw it away.

The idea was: To show tourists and wine lovers all wineries and help them discover most of them during visit and exploration  Palatinate region and give them fun :)


Reply by rckr1951, Jul 1, 2016.

You're enthusiastic response is good to read - it's what you should have said from the get go.  Still at over $75US its is still a push in a country that googles to death.  Old timers might though, people that actually take the time to plan ahead might.

Good luck and I hope you are successful.


Reply by Gutsmap, Jul 5, 2016.

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