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The Bottle of Wine that the World does not need.....yet adored by those who love it!

Posted by amour, Mar 11, 2013.

Have you tasted, or sipped, a wine and felt that the world does not need such a wine?

Well I did!

 I fully respect that RESTINA is a Greek treasure; I cannot cope with it, though I have tried.

Some say that it is an acquired taste; perhaps so.

This is a Greek white wine to which pine resin is added.

The history behind the inclusion of pine resin is most interesting.

I purchased Hermes Restina, and tried it on its own, and also with Greek food; joy!

The wine tastes medicinal, but not very pleasant medicinal, herbal, but not lovely herbal, and for me, has no real redeeming wine qualities.

Some say that serious Gin drinkers would find RESTINA quite appealing!

Let us hear about your NO JOY wine!


Reply by EMark, Mar 11, 2013.

I don't think Topolos Winery exists anymore, but I enjoyed visiting them twenty-something (maybe thirthy-something) years ago.  We would always visit them around noon time because they had a great little restaurant on-site.

On one visit to their tasting room the fellow behind the counter told us about this wine they were testing--Retsina.  Sure, I'll try it.  The overwhelming taste was eucalyptus.  An interesting wine, I suppose, but it didn't really snap my carrot.  I suppose I might consider it to be a more fun option than Vick's Cough Drops.  Heck now that I think of it I wonder if they make Nyquil from Retsina.

But to respond to your last statement my No Joy Wine would be those 20 year old oxidixed white wines from Spain.  If ever there was an Emperor Wine with no clothes, this is it.  If I have to drink that to be cool, then I guess I just won't be cool.

Reply by penguinoid, Mar 11, 2013.

Jammy red wines. I've had a few Australian red wines that taste simply of jam and not much else. I don't mind a bit of jammy fruit, but don't want my wine to taste of jam. Luckily, I haven't come across any like this recently.

I do like oxidative white wines, so will happily swap Emark's 20 year old Spanish white wines. I've yet to try any like that, as they're not available here, but would if I could. I'm not cool either, though...

Reply by EMark, Mar 12, 2013.

Penquin, it's unfortunate that there is an entire ocean between us.  I would be happy to pass any No Joy Oxidized White Wines over to you even without a swap arrangement.  :-)

In actuality, it is not a big problem for me.  I can count the number of times I've tried one of these at the behest of somebody raving about it on one finger.

Reply by penguinoid, Mar 13, 2013.

Yes, it's a pity! I can't remember ever having a wine recommended and then not particularly liking it. But then, people rarely recommend wines to me. I don't really know many people who are wine enthusiasts, for one thing.

Reply by outthere, Mar 13, 2013.

Aged German Riesling. Sorry, it just doesn't do anything for me.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Mar 14, 2013.

I love retsina with green veggies. Always a place for almost any wine

Me, got to admit that Viognier doesn't move me.

Old Oxidized Spanish wines? Bring em on!!

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