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Thanksgiving + Wine = Good

Posted by akops41, Nov 23, 2007.

Ah, Thanksgiving - another day of socially acceptable gluttony has ended. I must admit, I look forward to the stuffing and cranberry sauce for most of the year. This time around, however, the wine was a force to be reckoned with.

Since I'm the resident wino in my family, I usually have the pleasure of choosing the wines we pair with our meals. After researching and thinking carefully about each dish, I picked out a grouping of wines I thought would be appreciated - a dry rose from the south of France, a Sardinian red, a Chinon, plus a few more.

The holiday was barely underway, (well, we were already halfway through the vegetable platter and the football games) when someone asked me an interesting wine question that I was not prepared to answer. "Annie, what wine can you recommend that goes well with taco dip, cheese and crackers, *and* spinach dip??" I giggled slightly, although purely out of nervousness. Truth is, I had no idea what goes well with all those things. Choosing a pairing for taco dip hadn't been on my mind pre-holiday. But, how do we really know what will pair well with our Thanksgiving meals? So much of Thanksgiving is enjoying a spread of many different flavors across many dishes. (and in my family when I say many, I mean many) Is it really possible to choose a wine that can blend nicely with butternut squash soup, tangy cranberry relish, and turkey dressed in buttery gravy?

I decided that you can't - well maybe you shouldn't. The rose went nicely with the famed taco dip, an Australian red brought out the saltiness in the spinach dip, and the Chinon matched my buttery gravy perfectly. Every wine found a great pairing in the meal, which to me, made everything work. In the end, the wines enhanced my enjoyment of all my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, as well as allowing me to sample many different wines and pairings all under the guise of one meal. One wine with 27 dishes would have been boring.

Anyway, thank God for leftover stuffing - and leftover wine.


Reply by Philip James, Nov 23, 2007.

Annie - good post. I have to say i'm terrible for pairing wine with food with any consistency. Yesterday we were rather traditional - white and red pinot noir only, but i'd be just as likely to pair a peppered steak with a hearty white as a red.

I see the 'rules' as guidelines meant to be tweaked, bent or just ignored depending on how the dish is made, the drinkers preferences, or just plain whimsy.

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