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Posted by Pasha Brioche, Nov 1, 2012.

Dear Wine Peeps,

Where is Temecula? We are in Southern California, just 90 minutes from Los Angeles or San Diego. We are Southern California's only major wine region. Temecula's terroir has been often compared to Southern Italy and France. Our soil as a high granite composition, and we get nightly coastal breezes that cool the grapes. We are know for having a dominate Rhone variety and many other interesting Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot, and Chardonay. We have regional wines from Spain, Argentina, Italy and France. The valley also has a large number of sparkling wines to choose from. 

Temecula is a perfect weekend escape, and wedding destination. We are famous for Hot Air Ballooning, Horseback riding, and hosting seasonal festivals for our visitors. Come out and see us!  Email me if you have any questions, or would like to book a tour with me. 

Please check out my site,   Just launched in September 2012. It is an interactive site to review your tasting experiences with others.




Reply by EMark, Nov 1, 2012.

Pasha, we need a Temecula wine advocate here on the Snooth Forum.  Please stay in touch and keep us advised of developments in the area.

I visited Temecula Valley last spring and, while I was impressed with some of the wines I tasted, I came away with the impression that there is no wine that screams "This wine fromTemecula exhibits all the best virtues of the grape."  All the wineries seem to be offering a plethora of bottlings.  So, there is a lot of experimentation going on there, but I think it would be helpful to the industry if they could find a grape that just has an affinity for the Valley.

Reply by Jake Lewis, Nov 2, 2012.

Hi Emark, 

You raise a great question regarding Temecula.  In talking with a notable and trusted wine geek/vintner last night, he mentioned that just a few short years ago, the trend was to plant acres of Syrah due to industry demand. Now that focus has shifted in the Temecula Valley AVA towards the Rhone varietals and in particular, Grenache with a keen eye on producing spanish and italian wines as well. A few of our winemakers are also trying new root stocks to see what works in this area. Since we are only 40 wineries currently (compared to 400 in Paso Robles), Temecula is an up and coming AVA and I assure you there are some award winning wines if you search hard enough. 

You can still find a decent bordeaux with a 'unique' Southern California profile, but those varieties tend to prefer a cooler climate and the tasters tend to prefer the heavy toasted oak notes of Napa.  Yes, some wineries are experimental and trying to discover their own terroir while others are sticking to what they know and producing great roses, meritages, GSM blends and sparkling wines.  

So to answer your question, Yes, Temecula is fantastic for the Rhone Varietals. As our winemakers and wineries mature you will begin to see more complex wines appear and consistent results year over year. 

Being less than 90 mins from almost anywhere in Southern California. Our challenge currently is letting people in southern california know we are out here and that the experience, ambiance and yes, the vino, are a great day trip for most. 

Jake at

I would be curious to know which wineries you tasted at last spring. pvt msg me and when you are down this way next time, I can certainly guide you to a few spots that might challenge your palate and leave you wondering...'wow! who knew temecula was 'that' good'.   

Reply by EMark, Nov 2, 2012.


Thanks for the info.  When I was there in the spring I visited Doffo, Mount Palomar and Hart.  Every winery seemed to do a good-to-very-good job with Syrah and Sangiovese.  Other grapes were up and down--liked Hart Zin, did not care for Doffo Zin, liked Doffo Semillon, did not particularly like their Sauvignon Blanc.  I don't think I had any samples from red Bordeaux grapes.

Thanks for the offer of guidance for my next trip.  I will take you up on it.

Reply by outthere, Nov 2, 2012.

You can still find a decent bordeaux with a 'unique' Southern California profile, 

Beautiful label but otherwise empty? ;)

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Reply by TheWineabe, Nov 2, 2012.

Glad to see other Temecula fans around!  I am in the area too.  It is beautiful!  The wineries are amazing. You can check out my blog at Cheers! 

Reply by EMark, Nov 2, 2012.

Don't try, OT.  I, if nobody else, always, look forward to your contributions--even the sarcastic ones.  I'm sorry, that should be especially the sarcastic ones.

Reply by Bettie Infante, Dec 3, 2012.

Temecula is definitely a little gem. It has grown immensely in the last five years. We are wine club members at DanzadelSol and love their reds.

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