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Temecula, CA Wineries

Posted by bmw1175, Mar 9, 2010.

We had the opportunity to visit Temecula, CA recently and do some wine tasting. We had a wonderful experience and tasted some superb wines. We started our journey at the Hart Vineyard. This is a small vineyard that produces only about 5,000 cases of wine/year but they have some excellent white and red wines. We tasted a wonderful Viognier and liked their Cabernets particularly their premium Cabernet Sauvignon. We then went on to Callaway Vineyards. This is a much larger vineyard with a beautiful showroom and wine tasting parlor with lots of excellent wines to taste. We had been here about 7 years ago and the growth and improvement in the quality of the wine was noticeable. Their wines are now rich and complex and are very smooth to drink. Some of the wines we tasted at Callaway include their 2008 Reserve Viognier which was excellent, their 2008 reserve chardonnay, another quality white and their 2005 and 2008 reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which were superb. We then went on to Wilson Creek which is one of our favorites because of their Almond Champagne which is outstanding if you like a smooth tasting champagne. Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards has really grown in the past 7 years and provides a wonderful experience in wine tasting as you mill around the vats in their wine cellar. This is another reasonably large vineyard producing about 60,000 cases/year of both white and red wines that are good to very good in taste. We loved the 2008 Viognier that recently won a gold medal in the Southern California Wine County Wine Competition. We enjoyed their Petite Sirah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and made sure to buy a bottle of their Decadencia Chocolate Port which we have had before and it makes for an excellent dessert wine with a nice taste of chocolate. At the vineyard, the servers will add some of the Decadencia Port to the Almond Champagne that makes for a wonderful taste experience. Our final stop for the day was Stuart Cellars. This is a vineyard recommended to us because of their extended family of red wines. This winery did not disappoint and we were able to taste Syrahs, Merlots, Malbec, Sangiovese, Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc, and exquisite Zinfandels. All had their own exquisite taste and it was hard to say which one we liked best. I think that their 2005 Long Valley Red is particularly special. Needless to say, this was the vineyard we decided to sign up for periodic shipment of their finest wines.


Reply by dmcker, Mar 9, 2010.

bmw, thanks for the report on your visit to Temecula, an area that totally flies under the radar, even though in California. Any more reports you are able to make on the specifics of the wines and wineries you visited during that trip, or later into the future, will be appreciated. Callaway is the only winery I'm familiar with among those you report, and I was drinking some of their wine back in the very early '80s.

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