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Posted by Philip James, Sep 28, 2007.

JuiceCowboy put out a video overview of Snooth - you can see it here . Ryan at Catavino, also talked about Snooth recently. My question is this: what are we missing that would really engage the wine bloggers and hardcore wine fans?

Before you answer, here's what we have coming up: cellar and wishlisting; better recommendations; social recommendations; more stores and wineries from around the world; more deduping (as always!); groups and fan clubs; better blogger tools; ability for users to fix incorrect wines. And some more to come after that.

Please give me your comments, or drop us a line .

PS. After a good 10 weeks, I've decided to stop announcing new winery and store partners for the following reasons: they are piling up faster than I can mention them, too many of you said you were bored with the weekly lists, and finally, the definition of partner is becoming blurred - with anything from full integration to a winery simply uploading better images and tasting notes, its hard to know where to draw the line. To stay somewhat up to date look at our partner page .


Blog comment by Joel, Sep 28, 2007.

I'm going to post a follow up video on how I think I'd use Snooth (I promised another review first though). Maybe I'm not thinking about it correctly.

I don't know if you're doing anything wrong, per se. I think everyone uses these tools a little differently. I record how I'd use it and give you feedback on how it would be more useful at that time. Maybe you could even (after I record it) give me some tips that would make the system work better for me.

One strategy is to take a few core users and just define the product around them and how they use the service. Achieving 100% functionality for a smaller group will ALWAYS be more successful that 80% of functionality for a more general group.

Blog comment by ryan, Sep 29, 2007.

I like what you are doing and will probably use you more when you have better coverage in Europe, but I do notice one thing. When I search for "spanish wine" from your front page, I get 8 results with "snooth rank" big and thick boxes and not enough information. Maybe a "narrow this by...region/vintage/style/price/etc" choice would be good. Also maybe just a bulleted list till I know that I want to see all the other info. I would really like to recommend on my site for example "wines from Rioja" and link to snooth to get a list of these wines that are availabale...or something like that. Just one of many thoughts

Reply by Philip James, Sep 29, 2007.

Ryan - i don't understand. you can do all of this easily.

Take your initial query: spanish wine. You get the results and they are too broad, so you add the word "rioja", still too broad, so you move the price slider to under $20, and select 2001, and you select 'wines in stock' only - now there are 60 results left.

If you want to send people here directly, for the above search use the url: this shows you wines you can buy today, for under $20, that are from the 2001 vintage from rioja.

please tell me what i'm missing from your comment?

Blog comment by ryan, Sep 29, 2007.

I know the extra searach functionality is there, but fact that it isn't accessible as far as I can see as I'm searching. I guess if I get more than 100 results or even maybe 50, a screen that says "you have x-results, would you like to narrow your search" might be helpful.

also the main problem is that only 8 results with all this info is a bit too much. A list of names with less space would be great. That way the space needed for 8 results could be for 24 results.

Reply by Philip James, Oct 1, 2007.

Ryan - as mark mentioned elsewhere, there's now a 'link to this page' icon on each search result.

You would do a search, tweak/narrow your search using the sliders and other options, then once you'd set the parameters you can click the link to this page and copy the url.

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