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Tasting Party - would love to hear your recommendations

Original post by lingprof, May 3, 2011.

My neighbors and I have a mutual love of wine, and have had several tasting parties which we've enjoyed a lot.  We did a blind one, and a non-blind one of very different world varieties.  We usually get bottles in about the 20-30 range, although that's flexible, especially going lower for the blind tasting.

For this next one, I was thinking of doing US vs the World.  Picking the same grape or blend as done in the US and in some other country that features it.  E.g. Rhone from CA vs France, Merlot from Washington vs Chile, Shiraz from CA vs. Aus., etc.

1) Any ideas for pairs of this type?  Where would be a good place for Cab outside the US, or should I just put Cab up with cab-based Bordeaux?

2) Any specific wines you would recommend, for example for the Rhone Blends?

Mille grazie in advance!

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Reply by humpdog, May 6, 2011.

ling--i've written before about dara grumdahl's book, "drink this."  she advocates the very thing you inquired about, and has wine tasting varietal suggestions in each chapter, broken down by price and location.  i think it's worth checking out for what you have in mind.

Reply by Lucha Vino, May 7, 2011.

D - Plenty of Fighting Spirit on the bike!  Way more spirit than top results.  All good fun.

Ling - D makes a good recommendation on the Woodward Canyon.  I have heard plenty of compliments on their Cab and around 40 bucks you will find some real nice wines from Washington state.  We have tons of wine makers making quality wine in the $20 on up range, but many of them probably do not have distribution into CA.

Looking forward to hearing about your selections.

Reply by dmcker, May 9, 2011.

So Lingprof, you done the event yet? Would be curious to hear what you went with, and how they were received...

Reply by Richard Foxall, May 9, 2011.

Getting in late here, as I have been off.  Since cabs are grown everywhere, it seems, you can do good cab from S. Africa, France, Australia, California (Santa Cruz Mountains= restrained, vs. Napa, and Paso Robles at the fruit bomb extreme), WA, even British Columbia (see last week's Garagiste offers... or was that WineAccess?), Australia, Chile... and you can try different prices to see if it's really necessary to buy an ultra-premium or first growth/second growth.  Then you can have your Syrah at another event in a couple weeks. Any excuse to drink more wine! I actually think the floor for good Northern Rhones is higher than for most cab-based wines--try finding any Cote Rotie for under $50, or Hermitage for that matter.

Trying wines of a type (GSM blends from Cal. vs. Southern Rhone) in a blind tasting sounds kind of familiar... ;-)  I'm trying to figure out when I am going to do that next, although a "make room in my cellar by drinking lots of Cab party" will probably be my next event... I am planning a weekend of Syrah in the RRV in late summer, Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage vs. California on successive nights.  Many animals will be sacrificed to the cause because Syrah goes with so many kinds of meat.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, May 16, 2011.

Tragically I have been out of the system  and  even later than Foxall - Ling has it happened

Vello - Whats your view on the Giro - I must admit my favourite coffee shops have been overwhelmed by my Italian bros in their lycra gear on their weekend riding experience!!!!

Reply by thejennscott, May 19, 2011.

riesling (cooper's creek) with tomme-fleur verte (french, goat), pecorino toscano staggionato (hard, sheep)

rose (chateau saint martin) with beecher's flagship reserve (firm, cow), *pecorino, winnimere (washed-rind, cow), valdeon (blue, cow & goat)

shriaz (the chook) with tomme, *beechers, pecorino, *winnimere

chenin blanc (champalou vouvray brut) with *tomme, beecher's, *pecorino, winnimere

banyuls (domaine la tour vielle banyuls) with tomme, beecher's, *pecorino, winnimere, valdeon 


this is from a recent tasting i went to and loved! i've starred my absolute faves. 

all the wines are under $30 a bottles. :) hope this helps! 

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