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Tag / search string auto-completion

Posted by gr, May 6, 2007.

Here are Brad (Fitz, livejournal creator)'s couple of posts about dealing with auto-completion for tags (would work fine for search strings too) in text boxes with JavaScript, including explicitly open source implementations:

Make sure to read the second one too, which reference ydnar (Randy Reddig, also someone I happen to know from a totally different circle-the Mac game Marathon), as there're a variety of other useful tidbits in there.

Let me know if I'm a dumbass and either of those aren't publicly legible or reference something that isn't: I can hit Brad up for explicit permission to just dupe the content and email it to you.


Reply by Mark Angelillo, May 7, 2007.

good stuff, gabe, thanks. i could see integrating this in the future.

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