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Posted by Philip James, Feb 1, 2008.

I like milestones, and I set them often. Actually, its not the milestones I like, its the surpassing them. The more you set (as long as they are attainable) the more you get to feel like you achieved.

A fairly obscure one we passed the other day was getting more than 500,000 pages into Google. That gives us the interesting honor of being the 'most indexed wine site in the world'. Google's index is a finicky thing, and the results in the primary index change frequently, so I thought I'd grab a piccy before it went away (see evidence below).

In a world where half the time when I google the name of our industry (wine) I get a link to WineHQ, which is a piece of software (open source at least!), and not what any of us would expect, what does that mean to the average person?

As popular as the Wine Unix platform is, there are a lot more people who actually drink the stuff. So, before we claim google's gone gaga, I'm going out on a limb to postulate that its because us wine drinkers know what we want. In the same way when I get to, I don't search for "food" but instead type in "late night Italian", people who google, or snooth, for wines get a lot more specific.

Not everyone is typing in such specific queries as "an earthy red for under $20, from Zachy's Wine" (although by this time next week, we'll support exactly such phrases), but in the millions of queries that we've had the pleasure in processing for you, its clear that you, the 21st century wine consumer, more and more, knows what you want. And to that, I say, luckily its wine friday, for that deserves a toast!


Blog comment by Annie, Feb 1, 2008.

hooray for wine friday - heres to surpassing this and the next goal!

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