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Posted by Stor Peter, Nov 16, 2013.

Looking for a wine similar to Little Rascals Sauvignon Blanc! California wine! 




Stor Peter


Reply by EMark, Nov 16, 2013.

Not understanding what the problem is, SP.  It is not hard to find California Sauvignon Blancs on retail store shelves.

I'd never heard of Little Rascals Sauvignon Blanc--that is not particularly useful information for you, because I have an amazing lack of knowledge, period, let alone about specific wines--so I ran off to my friend Mr. Google and learned a bit.  It turns out that the 2013 Little Rascals SB was awarded a Bronze Medal in the Sauvignon/Fume Blanc under $14 category of the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  Here is a link to the complete listing of award winners for the category.  Most of these wines are pretty easy to find in retail stores, although I cannot speak for your geography.  I would suggest that you look for some of these.  My guess is that you will fine something similar, or, perhaps serendipitously, you might find one with a different profile that you also enjoy.

Good luck 

Reply by duncan 906, Nov 17, 2013.

Why not try a sauvignon blanc  from the Loire valley .I can recommend the Domaine de Villargeau from the Coteaux de Giennois which I reviewed for Snooth a little while ago and which I thought was a superb example of the grape

Reply by Stor Peter, Nov 17, 2013.

E Mark,


Thanks for the info. I found the winery contact phone but it is only open Mon-Fri so I'll try and call them tomorrow. The wine is for my wife who hates sweet wine and this particular wine she loved. I am fond of wine but I usually opt for a good iced down long neck beer as it is very hot here in South Texas. That being said I am allowed to steal a sip from her glass just to make sure it is ok. I try to keep our wine cooler filled and the bar stocked with her favorites so i'll continue my search for little rascals. Thanks again for your help. 


Stor Peter



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