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Sonoma and the Vino-Seal

Posted by Betsey, Jun 14, 2007.

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Alcoa's Vino-Seal

After hearing about Philip's trip to Sonoma in April, I decided to plan a trip of my own, so I spent last weekend there. During the trip, I discovered a cork alternative that I had never seen before. The waiter at the restaurant who opened the bottle had never seen it before either, so he was a bit taken aback.

This new wine closure is called the Vino-Seal and is made by Alcoa. It is basically a glass stopper that is covered by an aluminum twist-off overcap, and has several advantages over the traditional cork: it does not require any tools for opening, it is much easier to fit back in the bottle to reseal, it looks really nice, and according to Alcoa, it may reduce oxygen permeation. The main disadvantage - which has likely prevented it from becoming more popular - is that it costs more than the traditional cork. The bottle of wine we had ordered was a Robert Sinskey, however a few others are currently using the Vino-Seal including Whitehall Lane, Léal Vineyards, and Sineann (Orgeon). I really liked the idea, so hopefully other wineries will adopt it in spite of its higher cost.

As Philip mentioned in his post-Napa blog, it is nice to visit some of the less-trafficked wineries. Although I didn't go as far off the beaten path as he did, I did visit some of the smaller wineries, including Larson Family Winery. Larson Family was my favorite of the whole trip because of its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and great wines. Along the drive to the Winery there were wood signs on the trees letting us know that there was "Wine Just Around the Bend", the tasting room was very nicely done, and the staff was extremely friendly.

If Sonoma is in your near future, I definitely recommend stopping by Larson Family.


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