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Some old and unusual wines tasted- detailed notes

Posted by stillthirsty, Jul 11, 2012.

Got access to an old collection of wines this month and trying many  bottles that have survived extremely well in a perfectly dark, still and damp cellar in England. Many unmoved for 10-20 years. I am drinking the worst condition bottle in each group.

1990 Ralphs Shiraz. Made by Penfolds a Coonawarra 100% Shiraz in honour or Oddbins UK then catalog illustrator Ralph Steadman. 14%abv   ullage bottom neck . From original doz case

Retailed abt GBP10 in 1992     Remember Grange 1990 then was abt GBP 25.     

Allegedly declassified barrels of Grange  used in this production.

Cork short but v tight and only about 5-6 mils wine movement amazing for 20 years.   

Huge sediment carefully decanted  into tall narrow decanter to not over breathe

Colour still opaque black center no browning at all at rim.

Massive sweet nose no volatile acidity . strong chocolate aroma     exactly as expected for coonawarra shiraz think Bin 128 on steroids.

Enormous rich palate but v little tannin left. V smooth but still fruity . Good length and pleasant aftertaste. No overbearing oxidation  22 yr old Aussie shiraz drinking v well. 

3 bts left for another day.

Cloudy Bay 2000 Chardonnay New Zealand 14% abv good ullage. orig retail GBP 14

Cork clean no mould mid size out clean with screwpull.

Colour deep yellow not golden faint tinge of green. Better than expected.

Nose surprisingly smokey. I am more familiar with the CB sauvignon but actually precisely as described on the back label.  Quite high alcohol as indicated at 14%.

No madierization full long palate. still smokey real mouthful. not buttery just v deep concerntrated flavour. Aftertaste had bit of bit from oak though not volatility or oxidation.

Still strong remnant after night corked in fridge, but colour much more golden.

1bt remaining

1997 Chianti Riserva Ruffino Ducale Oro still in paper wrapper. Ullage in neck

Retailed abt 16 GBP. Alcohol 13% abv.

A v good vintage but wine got low Parker score about 89?

Cork in excellent shape no mould  small movement

Great colour no browning but mature.

Had this wine before and this is v good bt. Smokey bacon and dried figs on nose.

Had with italian style lasagna and really perfect match. Finish shortish but pleasant.

14 bts remaining 12 in OWC

1997 Rustenberg Peter Barlow South African Red 12.5% abv

in OWC 6 Pack. Visited estate and wine hard to find.  Retailed abt GBP15

Cork in good shape sml movement . Ullage in neck.

Colour strong but completely transparent. abundant sediment avoided with careful decanting.

Classic South African cabernet nose. Extremely smooth on palate and delightful with some roast topside beef. no tannin left at all. needs drinking now before fruit oxidises and theres nothing left.

Rustenberg Peter Barlow  2006 South Africa 75cl

Supposedly their flagship red but the Merriman X often scores higher now.  Finish was short and simple.

2bts remaining


Zind Humbrecht 1990 Herrenweg Turckheim Gewuztraminer  14% abv  retailed abt 10 GBP

In Unopened Original 12pack Carton. Identical ullages about 3/4 inch from cork

Bought direct from UK agent after tasting with maker and unmoved since.

Cork midlength, movement almost to end a little mould

Incredibly deep colour but no orangey oxidation at all. Gycerol legs and olive oil viscosity.

Nose surprisingly closed

Intense concentration and off dry even at 14%. Am drinking while typing up these notes and pretty darn happy there are 11 bts more. Like eating 10 peeled lychees at once. An absolute joy best white in at least a year.

Very long finish on cheeks and tongue just lingers for ages.

looked up some other online reviews and scores from 87 to 95. 87 must have been a half stored next to the oven.

many more wines to follow. here for weeks interspersed with 8 days  in burgundy.

Lots of old german, spanish and bordeaux to review


Reply by EMark, Jul 11, 2012.

Looks like you've been having fun ST, and it looks like you have a lot more coming.


Reply by duncan 906, Jul 13, 2012.

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