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Some of my favorite barrel samples from Bordeaux 2011

Posted by panoskakaviatos, May 3, 2012.

Just posted full notes on Bordeaux 2011, with videos and photos and analysis, and feel like rattling off wines that come to mind as the most memorable, if not necessarily the "best" ...

The first list evidently does not take price into account, and does not include Latour and Mouton, which I did not taste, nor several apparently kick ass Pomerols which I did not get to taste either - including Evangile, Eglise Clinet and the Moueix stable...

Anyway, there were some striking wines from 2011!

Of course, little interest in en primeur purchasing, because of the fatigue over crazy pricing in recent vintages, but if you want to lock in some special sizes from reliable sources, I might consider pulling the trigger for certain wonderful whites as well as some outstanding reds for the vintage, so here in no particular order:

Calon Segur - St Estephe
Vieux Chateau Certan - Pomerol
Coutet - Barsac
Cheval Blanc - St Emilion
Domaine de Chevalier (White) - Graves
Yquem - Sauternes
Haut Brion Blanc - Graves
Pontet Canet - Pauillac
Doisy Daene - Barsac
Pavillon Blanc de Chateau Margaux - Bordeaux
Clos Fourtet - St Emilion

And some super QPRs that will likely be available at good prices in a couple of years once in bottle:

Carbonnieux Blanc - Graves
La Louviere Rouge et Blanc - Graves
Latour Martillac Blanc - Graves
Oliver Blanc - Graves
Haut Carles - Fronsac
Lynch Moussas - Pauillac (huge surprise, as I generally dislike this wine, and prefer Batailley)
Capgern Gasqueton - St Estephe
Cantemerle - Haut Medoc
Marquis d’Alesme Becker - Margaux (another big surprise)
Mazeyres - Pomerol
Bellegrave - Pomerol


Reply by JonDerry, May 3, 2012.

Thanks for the info panos, your coverage seems to be getting more and more thorough. Will be interesting to see how far the prices drop for this vintage.

Reply by panoskakaviatos, May 3, 2012.

Cheers Jon, thanks for reading. From what I have heard, prices have not fallen far enough to garner that much interest in the US at least...

Reply by Richard Foxall, May 3, 2012.

Thanks, Panos, going to give it the time it deserves as soon as I can.  Maybe a couple of harlequin vintages (nice phrase) will return Bordeaux to something approaching reality.  Or maybe California will just keep looking better and better to me!

Reply by napagirl68, May 4, 2012.

Or maybe California will just keep looking better and better to me!

Amen foxall.

Reply by panoskakaviatos, May 4, 2012.

Thanks for reading. Foxall, prices so far have not really encouraged American buyers, at least that is what I have heard. There has been Bordeaux sticker shock. One thing I would consider for those of us who have quite a bit of red already would be to focus on the dry whites, because some are really nice in 2011. But probably no need to rush and purchase them as futures... 

Reply by Richard Foxall, May 4, 2012.

Thanks, panos, that's a point that could get buried in the hand-wringing about the price of Bordeaux:  It's not just reds.  My own leanings in whites have been from the Loire, whether we're talking chenin blanc, SB, or Melon/Muscadet, but maybe it's time to spend a little time and money on the whites of Bordeaux.  My consumption of white wine is a lot lower than red, as is the case for the world at large over the last dozen years, I am told.  And the availability of good whites from so many places--hey, I had two good ones from NY thanks to Snooth--certainly distracts from the exploration of Bordeaux.  That's what I like about Snooth--people in the know whose taste I trust making me re-think my wine choices.

Reply by dmcker, Jul 6, 2016.

I see that he likes this much younger vintage of La Louviere blanc here, too (see the link in my recent post in JD's 'whatcha buyin' thread), though ranks what might be my favorite white from the area, Domaine de Chevalier, even higher.

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