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Posted by Mark Angelillo, Dec 11, 2007.

It's no shock that social networks are here to stay. I'm going to highlight the "work" part of the word network -- it's no small task to build a profile on some of the networks out there. It takes consistent effort to find and add friends as you meet them, keep up to date with what is going on with your pals, and modify your information as you evolve.

Many people complain that there are too many social networks. The model can survive the most when every person in the world has a profile on one site. Projects like Google's Open Social are interesting in this regard, but it is still up to the developers to make sure the information populates properly, and that's no small task. So take the growing number of social networks, add on the privacy conversation (which I am absolutely going to wave my hand at for the moment -- maybe I will come back to this), and suddenly it looks like a lot of effort to find out what your friends are up to and you still haven't seen them.

I'm not positive that it's all worth it. Sure, I half ass a Facebook profile. I'm on Linked In. I'm just not sure how much more of it I can take, and it is precisely this social network malaise that is on the increase.

"But you work on a social networking site!"

That's true. We've always looked at Snooth as not being another MySpace. Snooth is Social Networking Lite (half the calories of the leading Network). One of the things I am happiest about is Snooth's work ethic. Past adding a few friends your profile is built by the software. We'll of course be adding some additional functionality which will require some more basic administration but as we do so we want to make sure the goal is to connect you with more information about wine.

Snooth is a place to store and revisit your preferences. It's a place to find new wines to try, but ultimately we want you to be out there experiencing that bottle your way. We'll take care of the work.


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