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So, how many friends DO I have?

Posted by gr, Aug 27, 2008. says 19. says 25.

I know that you're purposely hazy on the [bi]directionality of this directed graph, but shouldn't those two numbers be the same, especially since I'm logged in as me?

No, I didn't add 6 friends this evening.


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Aug 28, 2008.

Good point -- this is on the list but we will make sure it is addressed.

This is the first time we've reported this to the community but we may as well bring it up. We're considering changing "friends" to a "followers" style model a la Twitter. So that way you can follow a wine blogger or other person who isn't necessarily your friend, but you'd like to see what they're drinking.

What do you guys think? It would certainly clean up this issue.

Reply by gr, Aug 28, 2008.

Although I don't like terribly many things about Twitter, I do like this, and I think the model makes a lot of sense for the sort of content that Snooth contains.

Which number is which?

Is the profile displaying the people I'm following and the friends section those who follow me, the other way 'round, or is 19 the count of mutuals? (In that last case, which count do I not get to see? Why?)

How would I go about comparing those lists?

(I am actually a bit curious now, but feel free to take those as points to address in the new system's design before you roll it out and I ask them anyway. ;^>)

Will you note mutual followers in any particular way? (I think I would prefer that you did, although I have a hard time explaining why...)

Will RSS subscribers be counted as followers? Should they be? (I think that they should, but I think the technical hurdle is pretty high... unique IP addresses won't cut it with huge swaths of DHCPed space getting huger the longer we keep using IPv4.)

Reply by gr, Aug 28, 2008.

Oh, one more: will I be able to follow syndicated accounts? For example, or who I can't currently friend, or is there not much point given that any new data from those sources would just swamp my grapevine?

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