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SnoothRank 101

Posted by Philip James, May 4, 2007.

Following on from yesterdays post about how too much choice is simply overwhelming, I wanted to introduce SnoothRank. This is how we describe it on the site:

"SnoothRank is Snooth's rating for the wine. Calculated using a proprietary algorithm which takes into account the wine's reviews, the number of reviews as well as how trusted each review is. SnoothRank is a single, simple number which makes it easy for you to compare different wines and to feel secure in your decision."

Basically, we take into account every piece of information we have on a wine - how popular it is, how well rated it is, who rated it, how many ratings it had, what awards it has won etc. The algorithm then reduces all of this to a single number, in this case, a rating from 1 to 5 glasses.

The point behind this is trust. When you see a wine with a rating of 4.5 glasses you can be sure that this isn't a wine with a solitary high review. A wine needs a set of consistent data to get a very high or very low SnoothRank. When you see a result like that you can trust in its validity.


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