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Snooth-Facebook application

Posted by oliver, Aug 30, 2007.

Some of you may remember that our Snooth Facebook application was launched about a month ago. Back then, the functionality was pretty basic - you could search wines, read the reviews, see your Snooth friends and your recommendations, but not much beyond that...and Snooth is definitely about much more than that!

Well, we've been working hard on the application, and little by little have made improvements to it. You can now add new ratings and reviews for wines; the profile pane has gotten a slight facelift and also updates automatically whenever you add a new review - no more manual refreshing to have your latest tastings show up on your profile! We're also trying to stay within 'Facebook space' whenever possible - links that used to point to the Snooth website now point to the corresponding place in the Facebook application, and we display users' Facebook names within the Facebook application. (Note however, that we do not copy any information from Facebook into our own database. Your name will still only be stored in our database if you enter it through the Snooth website.)

If you're a new Facebook application user, the process of adding the application is more streamlined - you no longer have to create a separate Snooth account to use the Facebook app, but instead are assigned an account automatically. This account allows you to interact with the Snooth community through the Facebook application without limitation, but only through Facebook. We are finishing up the tools to convert this provisional account to a full Snooth account (either by giving us a screenname, email address and password, or by providing the login information for an existing Snooth account that we then merge with the provisional account) - this should go live sometime today!

As always, please let us know what you think!


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