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Posted by Mark Angelillo, Mar 11, 2008.

Our first localized beta is finished. Without much fanfare until today, Snooth Talk slipped out of beta late last week after a few days of rapid development, changes and improvements. Many thanks to the beta testers. Your suggestions were extremely helpful.

Snooth Talk is a forum, but it tries to steer clear of traditional forum design and aesthetics. It's simple, it's clean, and it's completely integrated into the site. Before now I didn't feel that there was a comfortable way to carry on a global conversation with your fellow Snoothies and wine lovers. Now we can really begin to discuss what wine means to us. Snooth Talk is integrated into the Grapevine, so you'll be able to quickly find out if your friends have been talking, also there are now email notifications and RSS feeds if you want to stay in the loop. Still, we've got plenty of improvements planned in the coming months. I imagine you'll see the ability to post a tasting note into the forum if you would like to discuss a specific wine. You'll also begin to see content from the posts in Snooth Talk making its way into other parts of the site -- places where it will be relevant to see it if you'd like to read a bit more in depth about a specific topic, or if you're interested in hearing what the community thinks.

We're going to turn our attentions back to the data for a while. We'll be cleaning data and deduping records and adding content and merchants. We want you to be able to find and buy that bottle you've been eyeing, so if it isn't available for purchase right now, bookmark it and stay tuned. And please do let us know if there's a store you love that we're missing.

Finally, if you signed up for the beta during this round (and I'm happy to report there were quite a few of you!), we've got your requests safe and sound. Thanks for your offer of support -- you'll be added to the list soon.


Reply by Philip James, Mar 11, 2008.



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