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Posted by Philip James, May 11, 2007.

A lot of people have been waiting patiently for an invite to the site, or for news of where we are in our development. Again, thank you all for being patient. Hopefully this post will answer some questions.

We've begun to invite people off of the sign up list, but we have a back log of several hundred and, with the rate that people are signing up, it will take a few weeks for us to be fully up to date.

So far the site's search functionality is getting pretty solid, users can now rate and review wines, and by this time next week you'll be given recommendations based on your ratings history. You'll also be able to see your 'nearest neighbors' - other users who are most like you in terms of taste profiles.

Data wise, we're well past the 1 million ratings mark, and now have data from over 125 sources. We've been developing software that categorizes each wine and makes a good effort to dedupe it against the database. This helps reduce the problem of SKU proliferation that many other wine sites have - You type in a wine name and get 20 results that all look identical. We haven't got this totally licked, but we're getting pretty close.

Finally, I'm very excited today as we formally announced our partnership with Inertia Beverage Group. IBG provides software that allows wineries to sell direct to the consumer. Under this partnership, Snooth users will be able to buy wine from over 300 brands (and rising fast) directly from the winery. Here's the full press release .


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