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Snooth Search Results Update

Posted by Philip James, Jun 15, 2007.

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Snooth Search Results

Yesterday we released the first new version of our revamped Search Results screen. Overall the feel is similar, although we think it looks better and the wines are more cleanly delineated. Additionally we've given much more prominence to SnoothRank.

SnoothRank is much more than an 'average' rating. It really represents everything we know about that wine in a single number - we take into account all the reviews we have, any awards won, the credibility of the reviewer amongst other factors. We felt this highlighted its importance.

Additionally, although it may be hard to see from the small image, but I searched for "American cab with oak". The keywords get standardized/corrected before the results come back, so here I was given results for USA, Oak, and cabernet sauvignon (a synonym of cab). We've tens of thousands of synonyms and dictionary words, so a lot will get caught. There's a lot more left to do, and we're keeping an eye on the search logs and adding new terms as they crop up.

In the pipeline: sorting and filtering capabilities, a lower price peg for the price slider, vintage slider and some other fun stuff!

Keep the feedback coming in - we really value it.


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