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Snooth Manual Part II

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Jul 1, 2008.

So now you're searching, rating, reviewing, and wishlisting wines like a Snooth pro -- what's next? Wine is a social product, and Snooth provides a good complement of social networking features you can use to communicate with like-minded oenophiles.

5. Find your friends.

The quickest way to find your friends who are already on Snooth is to use your email address book. If you log in and head on over to the contacts importer page you'll be able to use the email addresses in your Gmail, MSN Live, AOL, or Yahoo mail. If your friend has already signed up, we'll let you know that, too.

6. See what your friends are up to.

Once you add a few friends on Snooth you can keep up with what they're doing by taking a look at the Grapevine on your profile page (log in and visit ).

Here I can quickly see what my friends have been drinking, who their new friends are, the messages that are being posted, and what everyone is talking about in Snooth Talk. You can use the tabs to filter by the type of update you want to see. Wines will show you what your friends have wishlisted, rated or reviewed. Messages is for site messages and social recommendations. And notifications will tell you when your friends add friends or when they post in Snooth Talk.

7. Message your friends.

Whenever you are viewing a Snoother's profile you will see a link to send them a message. Click that and you'll see the messaging form. Send them a public or private message!

8. Share wines with friends or the community.

A relatively new feature of Snooth is the ability to share wines directly into Snooth Talk or in a message to a friend.

a) Find the wine you're going to share. Here I'll use the Bernardus Chardonnay 2005 .

b) Click under the picture to share the wine.

c) Choose the friend you want to share the wine with and add a message.

d) The message will show up on your grapevine and theirs, too! There will be a link directly back to the wine details page so your friend can read all about the wine.


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