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Snooth and Triggit

Posted by akops41, Jan 3, 2008.

For all you wine bloggers out there, theres a new tool for linking called Triggit. The Triggit tool allows you to highlight text and create a specific hyperlink for that text with the simple click of a button. Snooth is one of the options for linkable websites in Triggit's private alpha release.

For example, if you want to link out to a 2005 Duckhorn Merlot , all you do is highlight that wine name in your text, click on the triggit toolbar, and it creates the right hyperlink for you, which is then inserted back into your blog. Its a quick way to add in more information about the wines you discuss in your blog without creating too much extra work for yourself.

I've played around with the tool a little bit, and it seems to be really helpful and a good time saver for those who find it clumsy to find your links through a search engine and ad them via copying and pasting.

We'd love to get your opinion on this tool - Is it helpful for linking in your blogs about wine, wine pairings, and Snooth? What can be done to make it easy/easier for you to use? How can we expand on this to make it more useful?

To get the Triggit toolbar, go to .

Happy linking!


Blog comment by Jeff, Jan 5, 2008.

Hey Annie--why would an enterprising blogger not just use Tumblr for quick bookmarklets such as this?

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