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Smarter than the average cork

Posted by Philip James, May 18, 2007.

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chips, small electronic tags applied to products, have been seen as the successor to bar codes for years. They are more expensive and so the retail industry has been slow to adopt until major retailers (Walmart etc.) began applying pressure to at least have them on expensive, easily stolen items, like razor blades.

The benefits of having RFID can be seen the entire length of the supply chain - for stores it's easier to track theft and inventory levels, for suppliers its easier to figure out where an item is stored, and for consumers these chips can store massive amounts of useful data.

This is where SmartCorq fits in. SmartCorq is a cork with an embedded RFID chip. This could be loaded with information about a wine's provenance, harvest, flavor profile and even suggested food pairings. A consumer could swipe a hand held scanner across the neck of the bottle and read the information, or it could simply be printed along with a receipt at the time of purchase. At only 50 cents to a dollar more expensive than the average cork, this is something that could work very well with high end wines - both for researching a wine in store, and at home in the cellar.


Blog comment by Betsey, May 18, 2007.

I suppose as the ScrewCap become more prevalent in the wine industry someone will need to develop the SmartCap!

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