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Slovenian Wine

Posted by Vasija Vasudeva, Jun 2, 2012.

you can say whatever, but sLOVEnian wines are the best! its really bad, that its not lot writen about it on this page.  the fact that Slovenia has the oldest vine in the world ( and also the oldest wine tree (in Maribor).

on you can find a good assortment of premium slovenian wines. they worth a try!


Reply by EMark, Jun 4, 2012.

Living is S. California and being a long frustrated L.A. Kings fan (still have my Butch Goring jersey), I can also vouch for Slovenian hockey players--at least one in particular.

Reply by EMark, Jun 4, 2012.

Anze!  Anze!  Anze!

Reply by Vasija Vasudeva, Jun 5, 2012.

he he he... you should try wine too ;)

Reply by EMark, Jun 5, 2012.


I went to that web site, and I have to say, that the way that vine is trained up against the house is very clever and darned attractive.

I am now intrigued.  I will look for Slovenian wines to try.  Thank you for the suggestion. 

Reply by Vasija Vasudeva, Jun 5, 2012.

btw. this wine tree is the oldest wine tree in the world! ;)

the owner of this wine tree is Vinag - some wine is made from this tree....

Reply by amour, Jun 6, 2012.

Vasija....I do know that Slovenia has some very lovely wines.

Some of us, including me, amour, have written in Forum previously about your country's wines .

Are you able to mention the names of your favourites from Slovenia?

Thank you in advance!


Reply by Vasija Vasudeva, Jun 6, 2012.

HI Amour!

It depents what kind of wine you like...


My Top favorites are:

Sauvignon JI 2007 (strawberry selection) Meranovo
Traminer SJI (dry strawberry selection) Doppler
Galileus Sunshine Tilia (Yellow Muscat)
PIKOLIT Wine Cellar Goriška Brda
Valentino Batič
MARKIZ Wine Cellar Goriška Brda
Cabernet Sauvignon Antonius 2005 Santomas
Dražna Čotar
FALOT ROSE Valdhuber
Cviček Zajc
Metliška Černina

would like to try Ocenaus Črnko but its to expensive - would say its more marketing wine...
so i prefer more to buy vintage wines  - they are really cheap in slovenia - sometimes the same price as regular wines!


Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Jun 6, 2012.

In  the last year i I traveled a lot around the Goriska Brda and i have visited a lot of wineries, Movia, Valter Sirk, Bjana, Kabaj Morel, Carga just to name someone.

What i generally feel is a growing quality, someone is more variable, someone have find a more stable quality. Movia wines have impressed me, i like the "Puro" line (sparkling wines without degorgment) and the average quality of white wines, and how they age!!! 1997 white blend was great!!!

Valter Sirk, Malvasia Istriana is a must to try, 2009 a little bold but really good. 2010 bold like 2009 but with a great freshness. 7 € at winery!

Bjana produce some good traditional method sparkling wines particullary Prestige Cuvee and Brut Zero (pas dosè) with ridiculous prices. I also tasted two base cuvee of 2001 and 1995 degorged at the moment, both was perfectly dinkable, really good without dosage and still with a great freshness. He also produce a nice bordeaux blend from young vineyards. Its not bold and oaky like many others bordeaux blend, light body, fresh fruits and really spicy. 8 € for a great deal.

Reply by amour, Jun 7, 2012.

Thanks for responding to my message , Jack!

I knew that you would have a lot to offer us all!

I will be guided by your suggestions and experience.


Reply by Yardwine, Jun 7, 2012.

My grandfather made wine in Slovenia! I went back for a visit to the area two years ago with my mom and tasted some of the wines. Not only was the wine good, the scenery is beautiful and the people are charming!









Reply by lakenvelder, Jun 9, 2012.

Some great wine regions in this area. However, begin part  former Yugoslavia many of the  wonderful wineries were reduced to bulk wine production. I subspect they will soon be producing wine for other wine growing regions to content with. I look forward to being able to purchase some when it becomes available in my area.

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