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Sick deal from Last Bottle

Posted by outthere, May 8, 2014.

2010 Jemrose Cardiac Cuvée - Vinified by Michael Brown of KB and Cirq, Blended by Russell Bevan. Cardiac Hill fruit, Syrah, Grenache and Viognier for $15? Got the email from Jemrose earlier today. Can't believe there is still some left.


Reply by dmcker, May 9, 2014.

If I were over there rather than over here, I would've been all over this offer as soon as it was posted. Good of you to shout about it, OT.


Now here's another offer at least as interesting...


Northern Piedmont Knockout!

Sometimes we get lucky, and find a great deal – fewer times we get extremely lucky and we find a great deal from one of a small region’s best producers – Castello Conti.  Located an hour Northwest of Milan, Boca is part of the string of small Alto Piemonte appellations, along with neighbors Gattinara and Ghemme.  Here, individual villages’ wines differ slightly in grape composition and soil, but the consistant is Spanna, the local, small-berried mutation of Nebbiolo, grown on volcanic terroir.  No cru is large, but Boca is a mere 29 acres, and of that the Conti daughters work about 2.5 acres (to put this in perspective, theGrand Cru Echezeaux is 86 acres.)  We’ve not tried all of the 10 or so producers of Boca, but we certainly consider the Conti wines as good as any we’ve tried, including the very tasty wines from Vallana.  The Conti vines were planted in 1971 by Ermanno Conti, and today his three daughters: Elena, Anna, and Paola, farm organically and maintain the tradition of hand harvesting, and native yeast ferments.   Wines from the far northern reaches of Piedmont combine some of the flavor of Langhe wines: earthy strawberry and tar with brighter acidity and fresher, lighter flavors that remind us of Burgundy.  You (probably) won’t have another chance to try another for this price!

Conti 2004 Boca Il Rosso Delle Donne 

The Conti sisters’ wines can show a bit hard and tannic when young, but at age 10 this wine is entering delicious, early maturity.  I opened a bottle early in the week and was immediately impressed by the combination of savory herbs and fine-grained tannins.  There was a bit of succulent, dusty, black-cherry fruit, but the wine’s formidable structure was the salient factor.  Eager to revisit the next day, I found a wine that still had Nebbiolo’s firm, tannic structure, but the fruit had developed more intensity and the wine finished with a delightful, alpine flavor.  At Conti, the blend is 70% Nebbiolo with 20% Vespolina, and the remainder Uva Rara – both native grapes prized for giving wine finesse.  With a bit of air, this wine drinks superbly now, and in the coming years will certainly become a classic example of a little-known region.  JR

  |  47 in stock  |  $29.99


Reply by Richard Foxall, May 9, 2014.

I saw that Jemrose offer and was sorely tempted.  A real Cote du Rhone knockout.  Alas, I'm bursting at the seams and need to save money right now, between my Italian lark and getting the addition on the house set to go.  If we go ahead with the renovation, I'll have to store my wine until we finish, so I don't want to go on expanding... although I did buy 3 bottles of Syrah from Robin at Apsara the other day. 

Reply by outthere, May 9, 2014.

Yeah, I saw Robin yesterday and he mentioned it  to me. It was a little warm so I told him. I would grab it for you when the weather was more cooperative.

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