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Should Kids Ever Accompany You on Winetasting Excursions?

Posted by Amanda Schuster, Feb 23, 2012.

A friend of mine wrote this article about a recent trip to a Long Island vineyard with her friends' kids in tow. The kids were well behaved, but still made the trip a little challenging. Should their parents have just found a sitter or is this kind of experience really fun for the whole family? Here's the article in the New York Cork Report. 


Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 23, 2012.

My kids hate going to wineries, except to one that has two dogs that they can play with.  (They belong to the owner/winemaker and are sweet yellow labs.)  I went with my parents, but things were lower key back then.  In general, it's better for both parents and kids when the parents go alone.  And it's nicer for the other folks tasting.  Parents don't get enough time to be adults and childless kids don't need the aggravation.  Now, when your kids are adults, it's a nice thing to have in common. 

Just one drinker's opinon. Not a never, just not ideal.

Reply by Amanda Schuster, Feb 24, 2012.

I couldn't agree with you more.  Thanks for the reply!

Reply by GregT, Feb 24, 2012.

"And it's nicer for the other folks tasting."

Yep. Everyone thinks that their own kids are different and that their whining and complaining (to be expected since they're bored to death) is charming.

Reply by jamessulis, Feb 25, 2012.

Brings the kids? Why would anyone bring the kids to an adult event that makes the kids feel left out. Better to take them to the ice-cream parlor where it can be classified as a family event.

Unless however there's a winery that also serves ice-cream, cookies, french fries, soda pop and coloring books. Keep them with the baby sitter

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 27, 2012.

But, GregT, why think of other people at all?  It only ruins our own fun--or requires adults to wear a bicycle helmet instead of riding on the sidewalk, or to step out of the way before checking their devices for oh-so-pressing messages from Twitter/Foursquare/FB when getting out of the subway, or anything that you and I get peeved about.

WineMine keeps some kid-friendly stuff up near the front--toys, books, games, etc.  I've actually had trouble tearing my kids away from them once or twice, but they never volunteer to go in when I'm picking up bottles.  And it's no fun to have them tugging on me when I am having a good discussion with the owner.

Lefty, one of our local ice cream places is just down the block from a nice wine store, Wines On Piedmont, so I usually wander down, cone in hand, and window shop.  But that's the limit--the kids do deserve their time with us when we actually pay attention to them, not just linger in their presence.  And watching them age and mature is way more interesting than even the most exalted Bordeaux do the same. So you could ask, should you mix wine tasting with family time?  My answer would be the same.  Pretty much, no. Both suffer.

BTW, I meant childless adults up there.  Everyone got the idea, I think.  Smart Snoothers.

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