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Shiping wines to Brazil

Posted by gussilla, Jun 3, 2010.

Does anyone know stores that ship wines to Brazil. The wines here are extremely expensive.

Thanks for your help.




Reply by Degrandcru, Jun 4, 2010.

Hello Gustavo,

Guess you have the same problem in Brazil as we do here in México. Wine is expensive for the high import duties that are implied on them. So even if you find somebody who ship it to you, you still have to pay the duties. Brazilian customs are as tough as Mexican ones, if not tougher, so I don´t think there is a way around it.

If you are serious and thinking about quantities, I would recommend that you first get in contact with a good custom broker or forwarder who could handle this for you. If your are only looking for small quantities try to get in contact directly with importers to cut the middle men out (that´s what I am doing here in México).

Question: On your profile you have the website of a French restaurant in Sao Paulo. Is this your restaurant? I will be in Sao Paulo end of July, I might feel like getting french food after all the Churrasco.

Boa sorte!

Reply by gussilla, Jun 6, 2010.

Yes, the L'Entrecôte de Paris is mine. We opened 7 months ago and it's, thanks good, doing very, very well.
This type of restaurant exists in Paris for 70 years and the huge diference betwen other restaurants is that we serve only one dish. Yes, that's right. The famous entrecôte (a cut from the beef loin strip steak) with french fries as much as you want and the sauce over it all. The sauce is the big secret of thie restaurant. As a starter we serve a green salad with a dijon mustard sauce. It's amazingly good. It worths the visit.
well, thanks again
see you in July
Gustavo Bernardes

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