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Seriously: This is the most confusing site I've ever, ever tried to help.

Posted by ChipDWood, Oct 2, 2011.

Look: I love ALL the people I've had the pleasure of meeting THRU this site.  There isn't a day that goes BY wherein which I don't want to hook up to swirl, sniff, and slug with from these very pages.

The problem?  Figuring out how to use this place in order to find them.

Could we/you guys MAKE this place more convoluted?  While I agree that I may not be the hippest cat that prowls along the limbs of the latest in social media: this place is bordering ridiculous.

While I was a regular member/poster just a couple years back I now have to swim through a maze of ads, banners, "hippy-whoopie" new crap and a damn myriad of MESS to even reach the point of sharing an opinion of a wine that I just tried tonight.

The prime (goddamn) reason I was ever even INTERESTED in Snooth was its ease of USE.  Now, though proficient at pro-level software, more than twenty YEARS of familiarity of computer use, and a thirsty ZEAL to be a part of this site: I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO USE IT.


Look: I want to be part of the GTI's.  I'm sipping and swirling a glass of the Los Vacos Reserve Cab right now that I want to talk about- but I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW.

Snooth is starting to remind me of freaking Solyndra: TONS of money to start without a single dime to reflect its progress.  A great idea that has COMPLETELY lost the point of its origin.

Lost the map to the mainspring.

Guys, you know I love you.  WAKE.  UP.  The demand will not always come to you if you can't get out of your own way.

Snooth has become a confusing mess.  Please fix it, because I miss what it SHOULD have been.


Reply by dmcker, Oct 3, 2011.

I imagine I know where you're coming from, Chip, but can you give more specific examples? I see a few too many examples of Facebook-inspired remodelings (without being in the same space as FB), but they do tend to respond to specific criticisms.

This thread on site redesign has several examples of that....

Reply by outthere, Oct 3, 2011.

Hallelujah Chip!

You want examples David? How about "mouse-over pop-ups" that continuously send me somewhere I don't want to be. Almost every time I go to click on something in Snooth a pop-up comes out at the last second and diverts me from my intended page. Pages are way way too busy. I can see where you need ads but when a page loads and all of a sudden the content drops half a page to allow advertisements to load it gets annoying. Keep the ads to the side of the page please so we can sanely navigate.

In the forum you can see a topic and who made the last post. But you cannot navigate directly to that last post. Nope, you have to click at least twice and then scroll to the to the bottom of the thread. Clunky design like this takes away from the experience and causes too much time to be spent navigating rather than contributing or reading.

How about showing in the thread stats how many people have read a particular post. For every 50 that read something maybe 1 person will reply. When the stat says 0 all the time it makes it look like a boring thread and instinctively people by-pass them. It's kind of a way to say, some one is here besides you. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person logged in and must come back another day to see if anyone else showed up and contributed. If more stats were provided we could see how much activity is actually going on at any given time.

I am a member of other sites where one can pay a nominal yearly fee to avoid advertisements loading on the pages. Cuts down on the mess and loads the page faster. I'm sure your advertisers don't want to hear that but as a consumer I am thoroughly fed up with advertising being shoved down my throat 24-7-365. Frankly, I don't give a damn!

Reply by ScottLauraH, Oct 3, 2011.

I have to agree about the drop down pop ups.  They are extremely frustrating, distracting and continually cause me to accidently navigate away from what I was trying to get to. 

Also, if you didn't already know that forums existed, you would never, ever, in a million years find them.  This point has been made several times, so I can only assume that is the way it is intended to be. 

Reply by Richard Foxall, Oct 3, 2011.

Drop down menus: Bad.  I navigate to the wrong places too much.

My profile in tiny letters: Bad.  Lots of regulars are not seeing that they have messages.

Pages are too busy.  This makes it hard to navigate and requires small fonts which my old eyes can't read.

Increasing participation and viewing of the forums was, I thought, a goal.  But they are too hard to find, unless someone knows that they are now "conversations" on one page and forums once you get there.  I'm also kind of tired of the word "community," but that's just me. 

I'll stop there for now. 

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Oct 3, 2011.

You folks don't know the fullness of discussion that surrounded these decisions. As you can see I have implemented a step here, one that I had been for from the git go. The GTi requires an additional level of development. I would suggest we start a thread here in the forum to interact until there is someway for us to do so in a more integrated way.

I'm still listening though so please keep the ideas coming. I'll do what I can.

GTi button is now in the  'fun' nav dropdown, which I see you all  love!

Reply by JonDerry, Oct 3, 2011.

Outthere, that's a great point about the read/viewed counter, would welcome that with open arms. 

Reply by GregT, Oct 3, 2011.

Funny post Chip.  When you figure out how to send messages, please let me know.  At least they're listening - they've already implmented a few suggestions, so I'll give them credit for that!  But it's gone from the easiest to use site around to one of the most convoluted, as you say.

Reply by dmcker, Oct 3, 2011.

Would love to hear more about those discussions, Greg (DP). The aims still seem vague, and the means to get to them not all-that-well thought through.

I still haven't heard answer to a question about the graphics design expertise on staff which I asked in the other thread. You've obviously changed 'user experience' designer. I think the current one needs to spend a sabbatical on print design studies and come back with an understanding of font synergies, spacing, and why the top of the page is so messy, difficult to navigate around, and aesthetically offputting. And that's before going to tabs-and-menus 101 class. At least the dark grey boxes and the italics were pulled, but there seems to be quite a bit more to do.

The old site design was actually a lot cleaner, and better put-together aesthetically. This one seems like a work in progress, early stages. Would be interesting to see traffic metrics for visits to the site divided between first time viewers and repeat users since the new site design was introduced.

And outthere, I wasn't saying I thought the new site design is good or works well, as you can see by the above and other of my comments elsewhere. ;-)   I was merely asking Chip to be a little more specific, since I am fairly confident his frustrations are valid, but wasn't confident Snooth would perceive them clearly enough to take effective remedial action.

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