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Seeking suggestions for Wine Pairing

Posted by jvino, Oct 24, 2010.

Hi All,

Wine pairing party, 3 houses/2 pairings at each house. I am the middle. Here's what I'm thinking so far...

Start with Grapefruit mint sorbet (intermezzo, palate-cleanser)

Balsamic glazed pear & goat cheese crostini

Cabernet-marinated Tri-Tip (or maybe soy/saki marinade) - maybe paired with a Seghesio Zin?

Looking for suggestions on pairings or alternative menu suggestions.

Cheers, Jeff


Reply by dmcker, Oct 24, 2010.

If you're marinating with a cab, why not drink one, too? Though Zin is good with BBQ, of course. I'd skip the soy marinade. I never find it goes well with wine, though it does with beer and sake.

Are you looking for a white or a red with the earlier dish?

Reply by Girl Drink Drunk, Oct 24, 2010.

Bubbles and whichever Cab you're using for the marinade, assuming it's good quality.  I'd also 86 the soy.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Oct 26, 2010.

I presume you are roasting the beef

Jeff as an Aussie, I would go Shiraz

When God decided man should eat beef he also also invented the first shiraz clone

Depending on your location - go  a good big shiraz

I do a lot of Roasts/Barbeques/grills with Beef and IMHO the Beef/Shiraz mix works and works brilliantly

I agree with others - no soy, red wine narinade is what Beef needs

Good luck lets know what you tried and how it works

Reply by Tastin, Oct 29, 2010.

I'm looking for a cheese that pairs well with Moscato wine, or even an appetizer.  Does anyone have any suggestions

Reply by StevenBabb, Oct 30, 2010.

fun pairing... a nice variety of things...

for the sorbet, i would go with a "wild rock" sauv blanc, new has more tropical fruit notes, and not heavy in the citrus department, crisp and refreshing... i think it might play well with the grapefruit/mint combo ( i just saw the "palate cleanser" attached to this... whoops... might be fun to pair it anyway)

for the balsamic/pear/goat cheese... hmm... sounds tastey, but for me the balsamic glaze is thowing a curve ball... since you had already mentioned seghesio for a red, maybe try their (awesome) fiano... i've been in love with this wine lately... but i'm not sure how it would hold up against the balsamic

i would definitley go with the cab marinade... always a safe bet to drink the same cab that you used... maybe throw a different twist, and drink the same label but a different vintage...

aww man... it's 2am... but it's nice to "make" time and drop my two cents back in the forum...  : )

Reply by Girl Drink Drunk, Oct 30, 2010.

Tastin, I'd statrt another thread.  You'll get more responses that way.

Reply by jvino, Oct 31, 2010.

Hi All and thanks everybody,

Just for grins I tried something different. I prepared a grilled flatbread with sundried tomato pesto, roasted pumpkin, carmelized onion and some goat cheese. Paired it with a beaujolais and a shiraz. 

Result:  Different, flavors paired very nicely. But not really elegant. I'm back to square 1. Looking for elegant and easy.


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