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Seeking Funny Wine Trailing/Tasting Stories

Posted by TheTravelMaven, Feb 12, 2009.

First, my thanks to Adam Levin for his suggestion to post my request here!

I am a writer and am working on a humorous book on wine trailing and tasting. I am seeking amusing anecdotes to include which can be from the perspective of those doing the wine trail, the winery owner/employee or the tour leader. It might include:

~ Something that happened to you
~ Something you overheard
~ Something that happened at the winery or on the tour

Please send only true anecdotes, and in your email, please include your contact information and whether I may use your name, city and state, or whether you prefer to remain anonymous.

Emails should be sent to me (Carol) at with the subject line "Wine Anecdote."

Thank you!


P.S. My appreciation in advance for respecting my request not to be sent uninvited content or offers. Thanks!


Reply by vinorojo, Feb 13, 2009.

I have a short and semi-humorous story that may not help you in your pursuit but I'll share anyway. I used to be the E-commerce Director for Roshambo Winery, part of my job was also to man the bar and pour wines for guests. One afternoon we had a gang of folks show up to out tasting room, it wasn't the first room they had been to that day if you catch my drift. At the end of the flight one intoxicated lady thought it would be a good idea to tip me (a nice gesture except for the fact that she left me one dollar, kind of insulting), I wasn't upset about being left only one dollar because I couldn't stop from laughing after she stumbled for a moment and then plopped the dollar bill directly into the spit jar thinking it was for tips!! Everybody in the room cracked up... good times!

Reply by Philip James, Feb 15, 2009.

Vino - great story.

Anyone else have anything to share? I'll have a think myself...

Reply by fibo86, Feb 17, 2009.

We don't realise in Australia how different our slang actually is, now in Australia we have a bird we call a shagg it's a water bird that after diving into the water (for dinner) usually suns itself on a rock-(hence the expression when you see someone sunning themselves on a rock)"Like a shagg on a rock"
After a fantastic day going to several wineries through the Hunter, we stopped in at Tyrells before the big journey home (for the usual pit stops) a stretch, toilet and something to eat.
We had a couple of english women there on the tour who had been working and living in Aus for quite sometime so I assumed that they'd know a fair amount of slang due to the fact they had a an office in a warehouse situation. (boy was i wrong)
As alot of English tourists like to sun themselves at the drop of a hat and the 2 we were travelling with were no acception.
Each time we stopped one lady in particular would find a rock and plant herself (all she needed was one of those 70's mirror reflectors and she would have been right).
Now I casually said to her "your like a shagg on a rock" (shagg in English terms means doing the deed) the first time she ignored me, so me being me went up a little closer and repeated myself she swung around and said "It's not likely". I said whats not likely? she said a shagg!!!
Then it dawned on me...... I had to explain to her I didn't want to have sex I was comparing her to water foul.
Really don't know whats worse the thought or the truth?

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