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Seeking advice on serving / decanting 1999 Penfolds Grange...

Posted by RexSeven, Dec 10, 2012.

I am planning on serving a 1999 Penfold's Grange later this month.  Many online reviews suggest a two hour decant or more.  that seems like a long time for a wine this old.  However, I don't have much experience with wines of this caliber meant to be aged for long time frames.



Reply by outthere, Dec 10, 2012.

2 hours isn't enough time for this bottle. The drinking window for this bottle is 2010 - 2024. Drinking now I would open it up, pour out a glass and follow it over the course of a whole day before pouring another glass. It's a baby.

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 10, 2012.

Assuming this bottle is in perfect shape you really can't go wrong, just plan for a long evening savoring every last drop. I wouldn't be surprised if it drinks well within 20 minutes after opening, but to be on the safe side do as OT says...if it starts opening up quicker than you want you can always just put the cork back in until it's time.

Reply by EMark, Dec 11, 2012.

Rex--Sorry, I can't help you with your question, and, in fact, I am going to drift way away from it.  I suspect that I am unlike most Snooth Forum participants in that I love to check the "Profile" of posters I haven't noticed before.  So, I looked at yours.  From the tiny thumbnail, I could not figure out that picture that you have.  So, I clicked on it and saw the larger view.  Whoa, a rotary.  Now I understand your handle.  FWIW, the funnest car I ever owned was a '79 RX-7.  I traded it in for an '89, but that car was not nearly as good.

Reply by outthere, Dec 11, 2012.

A Wankel eMark. I had an RX-3 when I was in High School that was a blast. Then had an 83 RX-7 before we had kids. Awful on fuel but great fun and would wind up like a top.

Reply by EMark, Dec 11, 2012.

And in your neighborhood, OT, a high revving, torquey "slot car" is the kind to have.  Believe me, I had a lot more fun driving that car on the roads in Sonoma County than on the 210 freeway commuting to work (although there was one on-ramp to the 2 freeway on the way home that was, and, probably, still is, pretty awesome).

Reply by outthere, Dec 11, 2012.

Drifting further and further... RX-7s were built for cloverleaf interchanges. I could accelerate all the way through them and never hear a chirp from the tires. Exhilaratingly fun to drive!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 11, 2012.

I drove cross country once in a car I pushed to the limit on clovers--had positraction and could corner well above its weight class.  The only car that could beat me was the RX7--I envied those things. Then they would pull away on the straights like they were just getting started. Even now, Mazda engineering is the most forward thinking and quirky.  Whether it's the 3, the 5 or the Miller engine in the Millenia, they stick their necks out and inspire loyalty, even when they bobble. 

Back on topic, my advice is to ship that bottle to my address, where I will ensure the precisely correct decant time with my Nascar-approved Tissot watch.  I will sample it several times and call you when it is perfect and pour the last glass in a Riedel stem for your drinking pleasure. 

If you don't like that idea, I agree with JD and OT.  This can stand up to a long decant-- it's Syrah, and probably carrying a tannic load that hasn't budged--but it's Grange and likely to be more approachable in its youth than a Cote Rotie.  Just guessing, but I would open earlier, taste along the way, and cork and slightly cool it if it's developing too fast. 

Reply by RexSeven, Dec 12, 2012.

Love the rotary appreciation!  My '93, or FD3S as the rotor heads would say, has 170,000 miles and has seen 40 states including every one west of the Mississippi.  It is just wonderful.  It's amazing how in 20 years a car went from technologically advanced to a throw back to a simpler time. Anyway, cheers and enjoy your wine and cars.  And thanks for the advice on the Grange.  I asked Penfolds via email and got a very similar response other than to decant off the sediment.

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