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Secret Santa 2013 for wine. The Reveal! The Guesses! So are we ready to find out how close we were?

Original post by outthere, Oct 18, 2013.


The reveal has begun.

  • Open your package
  • Share your gift with the Community
  • Take a guess at who sent it to you



  1. Lingprof - 2010 Rockpile Ridge Cabernet
  2. Napagirl68 - 2012 Failla Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 
  3. JonDerry - 2001 Miguel Merino Rioja Reserva and 2005 Infinito Malbec 
  4. Foxall - 2010 Ogier Saint-Joseph 
  5. Outthere - 2011 Holdredge Pinot Noir "Mazie Rose" 
  6. vinOvinO - 2008 Domaine de la Terre Rouge L'Autre 
  7. TBandCWFJourney - 2010 Cabot Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 
  8. JenniferT -  2007 Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva 
  9. Greg Dal Piaz - 2008 Scherrer Sonoma County Pinot Noir & 2010 Scherrer RRV Pinot Noir
  10. GregT - 2003 Emido Pepe Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
  11. Lucha Vino - 2010 Bedrock Syrah "T n S" Hudson Vineyard Carneros 
  12. SecretSanta - 2011 Robert Ramsay Le Mien 


  1. Lingprof - JenniferT
  2. Napagirl - GregT
  3. Jon Derry - GregT
  4. Foxall - Outthere
  5. Outthere - Lingprof
  6. vinOvinO - Foxall
  7. TBandCWFJourney - Outthere
  8. JenniferT - GregT or TBandCWFJourney
  9. Greg Dal Piaz - ?
  10. GregT - Greg Dal Piaz
  11. Lucha Vino - SS
  12. Secret Santa - Lucha Vino


Actual Secret Santas:

  1. Lingprof - Foxall
  2. Napagirl - JenniferT
  3. Jon Derry - GregT
  4. Foxall - Outthere
  5. Outthere - Lingprof
  6. vinOvinO - Napagirl
  7. TBandCWFJourney - Jon Derry
  8. JenniferT - TBandCWFJourney
  9. Greg Dal Piaz - vinOvinO
  10. GregT - Greg Dal Piaz
  11. Lucha Vino - Secret Santa
  12. Secret Santa - Lucha Vino

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Reply by napagirl68, Nov 19, 2013.

Yay!  Love Secret Santa!

Ok, so "reveal date" is just a virtual guessing/telling game, right?  are we supposed to all open the wine together?   I am just asking because I am having some friends over, and nipping at the bit to open my wine.  What say you, Santa???

I think Santa makes the rules :-)

Reply by SecretSanta, Nov 19, 2013.

On the reveal day you reveal to the Snooth Community what your Santa bought you and you and the rest of us can venture a guess as to who your Santa may be based on what you were given. You can pretend you didn't open it if you wish. We'll never be the wiser.

Reply by JenniferT, Nov 19, 2013.

Hi Everybody! Yes, my travel schedule is pretty unpredictable. :(

I am actually not even working now, but in eastern canada taking care of some family stuff. (I actually took a break this past weekend to head over to the island of St. Pierre - which is actually in France even though it is off the coast of Newfoundland. I digress but I might write a post about my experiences buying wine there).

Anyway I expect to be back home by early Dec. Even by my standards, I've been away a lot since early this summer. I am looking forward to getting back.

My other half (let's call him Mr. T because that's fun!) - he'll be home for certain. He'll be able to take care of anything related to my wine gift in the event that I'm still not home by then. I can even open vicariously through him.

I don't want you guys to organize the opening and/or guessing and/or reveal around me though! I'll make sure I manage to chime in at the right time, regardless of where I am. 

Reply by Lucha Vino, Nov 19, 2013.

Hey Santa - I'm ready to open my gift.  I've been good so far, honest!  It has been hard to resist the temptation.  My present is still sealed up tight.  The best way to keep me from sneaking a peak. :-)

I'm game for the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I can hold out until December if we want to wait for Jennifer to get home from her adventures.


Reply by GregT, Nov 20, 2013.

So maybe I made a mistake - I wasn't supposed to open it? But how to get it home?

It was sent via UPS to a Fed Ex office and they were entirely confused as to what the story was because they don't just take random deliveries. They only hold F ted Ex deliveries for Fed Ex customers. So I had to have it shipped to work instead. When I saw where it was from, the owner of the store is basically a neighbor and he could have called me but oh well - he probably never even saw the transaction personally.

In any event, luckily we had rather cool weather so it seems to be just fine. Not cooked!

Also not something I probably would have considered  but a great choice - I really like the stuff and have tasted this vintage with the winemaker. It's quite good so I'm quite happy.

Reply by outthere, Nov 20, 2013.

I don't think opening it is an issue. Best to inspect your bottle to be sure it was not damaged in some way. Revealing to the rest of the community is what's up for discussion right now.

Reply by Tbandcwfjourney, Nov 20, 2013.

My vote: reveal December 2nd, guess for a couple of weeks.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 20, 2013.

Wednesday before T-Day is Duck Taco night!  (Yes, twice in one season.) OT has the standing invite, so do our other Snooth pals (and pals of pals, Lingprof!) But that precludes drinking the wine that night.  In fact, I bought a 3L bottle of Toscano Rosso at Trader Joe's the other day just so we could pour it at DTN.  No idea if it is any good, but my daughter thought it looked cool.  So, I'm in for 12/2, although other dates work well, too. 

Once again, the fates blessed GregT with the great story.  Why am I not surprised that the wine shop owner is his neighbor?  Or that the wine traveled a circuitous route to reach him?

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 20, 2013.

I'm down to wait another week as well.

Funny you mention cheap, large format Italian Fox. I saw a rather generic 5L by Banfi selling for $45.99 at Costco the other day.

Reply by GregT, Nov 20, 2013.

Not really neighbor Fox, but he lives close and I've taken the train home w him several times. He's a friend and a stand-up guy who's made a great wine store out of his personal vision.

I love that 5L at Costco Jon. I guess that's the stuff to get when you're having a lot of strangers over who don't care all that much about wine. It's not so bad really, and should fit the bill nicely. Comes out to less than $10 a liter, so that's pretty good pricewise.

Reply by outthere, Nov 20, 2013.

The 2nd of December works for me.

Reply by napagirl68, Nov 21, 2013.

2nd of Dec... .Monday???    Mondays suck!  Mondays are busy.  what exactly happens on Monday?  just the reveal via a thread?

Reply by JenniferT, Nov 22, 2013.

Any day works for me, so I'll just stay tuned.

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 22, 2013.


Ive fallen in to this pattern of drinking on Tues /Thurs /Sat of late.

Reply by vin0vin0, Nov 22, 2013.

JD, I have a similar pattern only mine has to do with days ending in "y".

I'm good with Mon or Tues, out of town Wed-Sun of that week but if all we're doing is reveal our wine and guessing our SS, I can do that from on the road.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 22, 2013.

I share VinoVino's schedule, but on days beginning with T or S, I let myself go and have a bottle of wine and then chase it with some whiskey.  ;-)   I blame my parents, who had paper cocktail napkins that said, "Drink too much? There ain't too much."  If they still have some, I hope they will leave them to me or my children. 

Which means we can crack those bottles anytime, day or night, except when I am in a moving car or at work.  Gotta have some standards.

Reply by JenniferT, Nov 23, 2013.

Fox I admire your spirit. And I truly hope you inherit some of those cocktail napkins.

So what's the deal here, will we be drinking on and/or near the reveal date? Or just revealing and kick starting the guesswork? (I'm hoping some hints re the true identity of my Santa may emerge over time - otherwise I'm not quite sure how I will guess!)

Reply by outthere, Nov 23, 2013.

I would imagine that whether you open the wine or not depends on what you were gifted and its drinking window. That will be totally up to you. 

Hint on guessing who you Santa is: see if there is a trend between the type of wine you received and the drinking tendencies/geographical location of another Snoother.

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 23, 2013.

Fox, I admire your metabolism. The holidays may soon have me succumb to the daily drink. Not doing so well with exercise in this 2nd half of the year since the foot injury.

Well I know who my SS is after accepting all of my deliveries...I won't say who to keep the guessing more of a challenge but I'm looking forward to trying the wine and reading the letter of instructions. Thanks SS!

Reply by lingprof, Nov 23, 2013.

Just let me know what to do!  I'm ready to guess, drink, and be merry!

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